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Queer Eye’s Bobby Berk on DIY Backyard Weddings


On Netflix weird eye, we’ve seen host Bobby Berk transform spaces and bring deserving couples (and, okay, so do we!) countless tears of joy. Now we have news: it’s starting again, this time for engaged couples whose wedding plans are impacted by COVID-19.

Meet the expert

Bobby Berk is an interior designer based in New York City, where he maintains a full-service design practice for residential, commercial and hospitality clients. He is best known as the design guru on Netflix weird eye.

This summer, the famed interior designer has teamed up with Lowe’s to curate three collections — bohemian, farmhouse and coastal chic — of backyard wedding decor designed for couples of all styles. Naturally, to kick off the launch, he worked with real couples (from Arizona, South Carolina, Ohio, and New York!) to reimagine their dream weddings planned in their dreams. backyard weddings.


Check out their stories below, but don’t feel overwhelmed by a huge renovation project when you do! Berk is a pro at installing bistro lights and draping novel spaces, but that’s okay if you’re not a DIY pro yourself. He has tips, tricks, and advice to help any couple (regardless of your style, budget, or expertise with a hammer) have a backyard wedding at home.

Berk’s Top Tips

  1. Adopt ambient lighting: “If I could incorporate just one thing into a backyard wedding, it would be ambient lighting, provided by bistro lights, candles or lanterns,” he says. “These items immediately enhance the mood and warm up the space! »
  2. Maximize small spaces: Working with a small space? Berk recommends using products — such as beautiful flowers, herbs, plants, or bistro lights — that will enhance the setting before and after the wedding. “These fundamental elements won’t take up more space than the decoration, but they will beautify the space and often preserve it,” he explains. “Simple backyard upgrades, no matter the size of your space, can ensure your ceremony is cohesive, romantic, and special.”
  3. Consider the weather: When hosting a backyard, knowing your weather conditions is essential. Does the sun hit in a certain direction that might be most comfortable for you as a couple or for guests? “Design the backyard in the most comfortable way for the guests and for you as a couple, so that it is the most enjoyable,” says Berk. “You can add fabric and bring in greenery to help create shade where it’s needed.”
  4. Focus on what’s most important: Berk encourages couples to think beyond the wedding day, saying, “Most importantly, a wedding isn’t what makes your relationship, it’s your wedding!” Don’t forget the value of why you want to get married: to spend the rest of your life with each other, not just to have the most perfect day together.”

Read on for more backyard wedding inspo, but remember: all you really need is your partner, a simple design vision and a few standout pieces from their new collections. – oh, and lots of ambient lighting!