Proposed retail project near collection in Forsyth clears planning board

A proposed retail project near The Collection at Forsyth, a popular outdoor mall on Peachtree Parkway, has been approved by the Forsyth County Planning Commission.

On Tuesday, August 23, planning members voted 4-1, with District 4 member Nedal Shawkat opposing, to recommend approving an order with variations and conditions for conditional use licenses for developer Fuqua Acquisitions II, LLC for 35.36-acre commercial business. district (CBD) at 3205 Ronald Reagan Boulevard in South Forsyth.

The request will go on to the county commissioners for a public hearing on Thursday, September 15th.

Licenses were sought for a commercial outdoor recreational facility that conducts business 24 hours a day; a patio and climate-controlled self-service facility in 130,660-square-foot buildings with 12 parking spaces; conducting business 24 hours a day at a 108,000 square foot indoor commercial recreational facility with 510 parking spaces conducting business 24 hours a day at a 3,751 square foot restaurant with 38 parking spaces; associated with a large retail establishment of 144,000 square feet with 508 parking spaces and retail/restaurants in commercial buildings totaling 16,473 square feet with 138 parking spaces.

Among the requested variations were reducing the separation distance between self-service storage businesses from 0.75 miles to 0.515 miles, reducing the buffer for individual retail establishments of 75,000 square feet or more adjacent to existing residential subdivisions from 100 to 40 feet and reduce setback for individual retail establishments of 75,000 square feet or more adjacent to existing residential subdivisions of 150 to 50 feet and changing parking requirements.

Conditions for the project include a beautification area, pedestrian landscape zone, and facade landscape zone, a 10-foot-wide multipurpose trail along Ronald Reagan Boulevard, and operating hours limits.

Sean Courtney, the attorney representing the development, said the original plans were for a 9,110-square-foot extended-stay hotel with 111 parking spaces, but that they were scrapped in favor of a typical hotel.

“In this application, we request an extended stay hotel. We’re not moving forward with it,” Courtney said. “In a separate application, we will try to make just a traditional and regular hotel, with the same footprint, everything the same as shown [in the plans].”

According to his submission, the hotel application would be initiated by the county.

Courtney also said that while not all of the property is on the Peachtree Parkway Overlay, the entire development would follow design standards “with just a few exceptions” and the development would be separated from nearby homes with a fence and an evergreen screen with a green leaf. additional. screen and additional mishaps in the furniture store.

He also said the buildings will have security cameras and no kennels, car washes, outdoor storage or display of goods, extended-stay hotels, apiaries or cemeteries will be allowed.

Plans approved as part of the development include a full-size furniture store, a Lifetime Fitness center with a pool, children’s area and waterslide, and a self-service storage facility with climate-controlled storage and patio options.

“Outside of this app, I think one thing I hear a lot of feedback from in the community is that people want new retail, they want new concepts in our community, they want new things to do,” said Stacy Guy, Planning Member for District 2. “People want a new place to go, a new place to eat. They want the first retail on the market, they want things we don’t have. This project checks many of those boxes.”

Guy said he couldn’t name the furniture store, but it was “the first in the Atlanta market, maybe the first in the Southeast market.”

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