Pottery Barn Teen’s ‘Harry Potter’ Halloween 2022 Decor Including Spooky Pieces

Calling all Potterheads: Halloween is almost here, and you can take some of the magic of Hogwarts Castle home with you, thanks to Pottery Barn Teen’s Harry Potter decor collection. Like the moving stairs, moving images and merry ghosts that haunt the hallowed halls of Hogwarts Castle, your home will come alive with Halloween decorations specially designed to add a touch of mystical magic to your space. Whether you dress up as a witch or wizard this Halloween, with just the flick of a wand you can set the stage for the ultimate Harry Potter themed party in October with Harry Potter Pottery Barn pieces that are perfect for Halloween.

On a chilly fall night, throw an epic Gryffindor-style sleepover, complete with plush pillows, glow-in-the-dark decorations, and projected starlights dancing on the ceiling as you slumber. You can even fill your hallways with flickering candles with the Nagiri candlestick for a haunted castle effect. Feel free to make a batch of your own “pumpkin patties” too, just like on the Hogwarts Express, for you and your crew to enjoy while watching the iconic movies all night long. Keep scrolling to check out Pottery Barn Teen’s most magical Halloween decor Harry Potter collection that you want to have in your home as soon as possible.

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Hogwarts Castle Night Sky Projector

This Hogwarts Night Sky Projector is a must-have for creating an enchanting atmosphere at your Halloween party, Harry Potterthemed sleepover, or even as a decor in your dorm room. Gilded in glittering gold resin, the castle figurine casts a glow on your ceiling and walls with twinkling stars and soaring owls.

This Dark Mark will light up your bedside table as a table lamp, featuring the infamous Death Eater symbol in a rustic chrome finish.

Kissing him-who-not-be-named

Decorate your wizard’s rooms with a plush “He Who Must Not Be Named” pillow to add an ominous touch to your spooky seasonal decor.

Dark Mark Glow-in-the-Dark pillowcase

What could be scarier than being an ally of the “Dark Lord”? This luxurious velvet pillowcase features a glow-in-the-dark embroidered Death Eater symbol that is sure to startle all the witches and wizards coming through your Halloween party.

Light up the halls of your castle with the Nagini snake candlestick that looks like it came straight out of a haunted house – or a haunted Hogwarts. Its gold shimmer and intricate coils hold six candles, making it perfect for a ghostly aesthetic.

Hogwarts Castle light up blackout curtains

The secret to a good party is that lighting is everything. For a Halloween party, make sure the dance floor or lounge area is moody and lit, making these Hogwarts Castle printed LED blackout curtains perfect for creating a moody scene. It looks like you are partying in the castle!

Dark Mark Glow-in-the-Dark Clock

This slithering silver skull and snake Dark Mark clock will complement the rest of your Halloween home decor. The power of You-Know-Who will shine in your space, thanks to the clock’s enchanting glow-in-the-dark design.

Finding an easy way to organize pesky jewelry can feel like a magical miracle. Grab PB Teen’s Nagini Wall Hook for your closet, dorm wall or as a decorative centerpiece in your hallway, and display Lord Voldemort’s sinister serpent along with your favorite pieces.

Deathly Hallows bookmark table lamp

The iconic Deathly Hallows symbol glows in this bookmark table lamp as it represents the most powerful artifacts from the wizarding world. Your Harry Potter Halloween costume might even include an Invisibility Cloak, Resurrection Stone, or Elder Wand.

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