Popley Eternal redefines luxury shopping experience

Experience a state-of-the-art experience as Popley Eternal redefines luxury jewelry shopping with its newly revamped store. This self-contained empire in the country is home to beautiful and finely crafted, priceless designer jewelry in diamonds, gemstones and gold. Popley Eternal opened its doors for the first time in 1997 to its customers with versatile preferences: with utmost grandiose. After more than 20 years, the atelier brings a global shopping experience to its world-traveling customers to give a cosmopolitan feel. Popley Eternal invites all jewelry connoisseurs who appreciate fine quality, lavish cuts and intricate designs to her newly decorated shop.

Thanks to Popley Eternal’s latest escapades, customers have physical access to all of her shiny jewelry in an organized way. Located in the affluent avenues of Bandra, Popley Eternal, with its transparent glass doors and windows, offers a clear view inside to the spectators. It encourages customers to step in and discover Popley’s diverse collection that exudes inclusivity. Rooted in the ‘wear and feel’ concept, the brand has thoughtfully designed the store for customers. For example, at the entrance, one will witness a circular counter in the center displaying the brand’s latest collection, La Petite diamond jewelry that is portable and easy on the pocket.

The store was deliberately designed to elevate the upscale vibe, the vibe that new modern brides or conscious gifters can connect with. Their opulent chandelier, rose gold mirrored ceiling and minimalist aesthetic furnishings add charm to the store. The tone of the store is bright and fresh as it uses simple color tones of beige. The artificer behind this renovation is Mr. Jitesh Kamdar, who has a modern and international design aesthetic with previous experience of designing luxury stores.

The new space design has been conceptualized as open and inviting, allowing for more interactive and approachable zones for displaying jewelry. One can experience a counter seating where a family or small group of 3-4 people can enjoy a dedicated area for jewelry buying. The floor splits into six sections that take out all the clutter. These sections are devoted to specific types of jewelry, such as regular gold jewelry, antique gold jewelry, Polki jewelry, bracelets, necklaces, dainty pieces, and temple jewelry. In this way, a customer gets a wide range of choices that are taken care of in an organized manner.

Speaking about the brand’s latest venture, Mr Suraj Popley said: “We’re all about customer experience and inclusivity, which is why we wanted to give our store a globally acclaimed look. We focus on people who are looking for unique and exclusive jewellery, unique designs and the best craftsmanship in diamond and gold under one roof. We wanted to make this experience as great as possible for our versatile customers. We’ve selected colors that are warm, fresh and inviting. So when the customer comes in, he feels at ease.”

About Popley Forever:

Founded in 1927, spearheaded by Mr Suraj Popley with the vision to make this jeweler’s house vibrant with superior designs and time-tested brilliance. Popley Eternal, shines as the largest stock of diamonds and solitaire, with exclusive quality under one roof. The brand is world famous for its timeless and classic designs, which provide a luxurious experience while adding flair to one’s personality.

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