Pony’s ‘five minutes of terror’ caught as cattle dog launches ferocious attack | UK | News


The gruesome footage shows the moment the dog bared its teeth as it lunged at a young New Forest pony. Rockenhurst Hampshire A frightened foal is forced to kick to defend himself from a dog released from the lead.

Dogs that threaten national park animals such as livestock and nesting birds It’s on the rise, according to the New Forest Commoners Defense Association.

The organization has protected animals that roam the wilds for more than 100 years, and Andrew Norton, a farmer and group president, says the rampant increase in dog violence across the country is reflected in the New Forest. east

He was quoted as saying: “It’s certainly becoming more of a national problem. And, of course, here in the forest too.

“Most people are very good. It is only a minority that causes problems.”

He continues: “It doesn’t matter how cute and fluffy your dog is. It will chase if cattle run away. I think it’s herd instinct in her blood. And people have to be aware of it. If you come across livestock while out for a walk Please lead your dog and lay it in a wide position.

“There may be many children around. At this time of the year it’s a fun run. There is also the danger that dogs will drive nesting birds away. People have to be sensible.”

An aspiring photographer capturing a heartbreaking moment wandering through the woods with three friends. When he saw the dog emerge from the forest towards the white pony

An anonymous photographer said: “The dog really came close to the pony and started barking at it.


“We thought it might be an Australian cattle dog. The species bites at the ankles of livestock to keep them moving. The movement of the horse made the dog more excited. And he started barking and barking at him.

“Finally, the owner came over nonchalantly. and after a while can take the dog out The whole event lasted five minutes. It must have been five minutes of terror for a foal.”

In March 2023, spoke to Kennel Club spokesman Bill Lambert, who explained that the rise in dog violence may be the result of poor training during COVID.

He said: “During lockdown. Not having access to a dog trainer Inaccessible to dog behaviorists

“You have young puppies that need to be socialized and that need to be taken outside,” he adds, since “this helps them become round” and is an important part of their development.

He continued: “You almost hit the perfect storm of dogs not getting off to the right start in life. with an inexperienced owner Those who do not have access to the training and behavior they want.

“Considering the time These dogs are about two or three years old now. And this is when dogs enter adolescence.”

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