Pompano Beach CRA selects operator for McNab House And Botanical Gardens Restaurant

In the conceptual master plan, the historic house-turned-restaurant would have several outdoor dining areas, all focused on a lake feature with a large existing ficus tree in the center. The garage was to become a courtyard cafe/bar and a kitchen facility would be built directly behind the house, which is in the north-east corner of the site.

The gardens will also include an event facility and event lawn overlooking the lake, a teahouse located on an upper terrace lake, and a stream with a footbridge connecting to the larger lake. In the northwest corner of the site, there will be a kindergarten with a playground, a classroom where children can learn about plants, and adjacent restrooms for park visitors. In the south-east corner of the plot there will be a maintenance building. Public art would be incorporated throughout the gardens.

Mad Room Hospitality would like to remove the teahouse in the south-west corner of the site and place the children’s facilities and adjoining toilets there instead. In the northwest corner of the site, another outdoor event lawn would go, where children’s facilities and toilets would be located. In addition, rather than building a separate kitchen annex, the event facility would be combined with a commercial kitchen to serve both the McNab House restaurant and on-site events, including weddings.

Green said it wouldn’t be possible to have the teahouse in one corner of the 3-acre property and the kitchen in the opposite corner, and Mad Room Hospitality didn’t see the teahouse generating enough revenue to stand on its own. spot.

He noted that placing the additional event lawn in the northwest corner of the site would move the children’s facilities away from Atlantic Boulevard; would allow multiple events to take place at the same time; and would allow Mad Room Hospitality to generate more revenue, which would benefit the city because it would increase the amount of rent they would pay.

The changes there Food Room Hospitality hopes to do still needs to be discussed in more detail with CRA staff, and there will also be public input, Mulder said.

The botanical garden will become a public park with a fence around the perimeter. While the concept calls for a private operator of the restaurant, garage cafe and event space, the gardens remain free to the public seven days a week during opening hours and are run by another entity such as a non-profit organization or nature conservation, in collaboration with the master operator.

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