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Pocock, others put their best foot forward to remember quadrupeds


FREMONT — When a retired Sandusky County Sheriff’s Office police dog died last year, friends of his boss and the German Shepherd wanted a special memorial for K-9 Brutus. While Brutus was escorted by other K-9 units and officers on his final journey, some felt he deserved more.

In 2011, K-9 Officer Brutus joined the Sandusky County Sheriff’s Department and teamed up with Detective Sgt. Brian Macgrady.

“His retirement was in 2018,” the detective said of his former four-legged friend. In his retirement, Brutus, a German Shepherd, lived with the McGrady family in Sandusky County.

“He had some medical issues,” McGrady recently said of the dog who had become a close part of the family — even included in a family portrait with the detective’s wife and children.

Just over a year ago, Detective McGrady made a tough decision about Brutus, and it was to take him to the vet and put the K-9 officer down. “We think he had a stroke,” McGrady said.

K-9 Officer Brutus served with the Sandusky County Sheriff's Office from 2011 until his retirement in 2018.  He lived with the McGrady family until he died in October 2021.

McGrady requested that a K-9 vehicle be used for Brutus’ final trip to the vet’s office. Deputies, supporters, and other K-9 officers gathered at McGrady’s home to escort Brutus on his final journey to Fremont.

When Brutus died in October 2021, his human family, officers and other friends were affected. One of those people was Sandusky County Dog Warden Kelly Pocock.