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In the world of home decor and furnishings, trends come and go, often picking up the latest and greatest designs with relative ease. Home furnishings are often inspired by runway fashion, popular TV shows, music, and other sources.

Houseplants were especially fashionable. Ownership of plants grew 50 percent, to $1.7 billion, between 2016 and 2019, according to a report in Vox, which cited the National Horticultural Association’s annual survey. And the love for houseplants has grown during the pandemic, with more first-time plant buyers and seasoned plant owners expanding their collections, according to Treehugger, which cited a 990-person survey by Stoneside, a window covering company. Consumers have made a conscious effort to make their homes a safe haven and have brought as many zen elements into their homes as possible to induce a sense of calm. A small arrangement in the middle of a side table can have this effect while also bringing in a bit of the outdoors.

But what makes certain plants, and thus perennials, popular? Where do perennial vegan companies look for inspiration, and how do they keep up with trends to ensure their vegan beauty reaches retail stores and customers’ homes?

John Richard

For John Richard, magazines and European floral designers like Veranda and Architectural Design are at the top of the list, said Michael Parks, chief marketing officer. When asked about how John Richard approaches design and how he makes an effort to stand out, Parks said the first thing the company does is develop quality in neutral colours. Then consider a selection of pots and jars. “We design and develop most of the stems and ships in our line. We use as many natural elements as possible: California manzanita, African vines; we also add gold elements a lot in our designs.”

Getting outdoors is key to sourcing and keeping up with what’s popular in the plant world, said Tom Young, chief marketing officer of Allstate Floral, but he also looks out for runway trends and cleans up the retail landscape. “We keep our eyes peeled any time we are around nature, especially in parks and gardens,” Young said. “It’s amazing what Mother Nature produces, and the smallest of mutations can lead to a color or pattern we’ve never seen before.”

Young thinks pampas grass in neutral colors will continue the trend, but the magnolia will get plenty of love as the 2023 Flower of the Year. Allstate Floral began identifying Flowers of the Year in 2018 and found that the chosen flower often becomes one of the bestsellers, if not The first flower. “The magnolia flower represents perseverance and love of nature, and the magnolia is soft and delicate, yet powerful,” Young said.

Allstate Floral's Bombas Grass

Allstate Floral

D&W Silks imports, designs and assembles its products directly in the USA and is constantly studying trends, specifically keeping an eye on color and style. “The key is to use multiple sources of inspiration: design and home-focused magazines, design studios and stores, plus our travel around the country,” said Chris Daley, president and CEO of D&W Silks. “We strive to incorporate trends into our lines but always focus on the timeless look of our products.”

“We’re expecting a classic, streamlined look for this year, especially oversized, high-quality glass vases with stems or twigs.” Anything galvanized or metallic is on its way out, Daily said. It used to be a top seller for D&W Silks, but the rustic look is no longer popular.

D&W . Silks

D&W . Silks

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