Plans unveiled for massive 450-home property on farmland next to East Lancashire Road

Controversial plans have emerged for 450 homes on farmland. Built at a cost of £54m, the new property would be on Hazelhurst Farm, next to East Lancashire Road in Worsley.

The 42-acre green belt plot is sandwiched between a busy dual carriageway and a sliding road to the M61. This is one of two proposals that are likely to trigger opposition among locals in the area and are likely subject to public inquiry.

The other is a plan for a 74-acre plot across the RHS just east of Boothstown. Owned by Peel, the largest landowner in Salford, the site has been reserved for 300 “aspirational” luxury homes.

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Peel also owns the Hazelhurst Farm plot. Consultation on this proposal was launched today to create what Peel calls “an inclusive and sustainable residential community in Worsley, Salford, with a new primary school area all within an interconnected network of green spaces.”

Peel Land & Property and home builder Northstone want to build “up to 450 energy efficient homes to meet local needs, including first-time buyers, families and downers.”

They claim that many of the new homes will be affordable housing “to help address the chronic shortage of affordable properties in the local area.” The plan will also include land and funding for a new two-form entry primary school to help fill the wider shortage of school places and “contribute to the family-friendly references of offers.”

The site is currently accessed by a service road running parallel to East Lancashire Road. A new path for the Vantage Guided Busway to the adjacent Wardley Park and Ride facility would be for new residents wishing to take the buses to Salford and central Manchester.

Councilor Robin Garrido at Hazelhurst Farm, close to East Lancashire Road.

Peel claims the plans will “rehabilitate existing wildlife and local natural assets within and adjacent to the site, including increasing the ecological potential of Worsley Woods.” They say this will provide a network of green spaces with walking and cycling links to the surrounding area and will help improve the condition of the environment.

Hazelhurst Farm has been allocated by Salford City Council for residential development in the Greater Manchester’s Places for Everyone Plan which is currently being evaluated by the Secretary of State for Housing, Leveling and Communities.

The Hazelhurst Farm area is located east of the M60 and south of East Lancashire Road bounded by Richmond Drive. There are currently four utility poles in the field and the highway’s drone is working nonstop.

Councilor Robin Garrido, representing the Worsley and Westwood Park ward, said: “Access must be off East Lancashire Road or by opening the existing dead end of the already congested Hazelhurst Road to the new primary school. But only the plot would be provided – allowing the council to build it. He’d have to find the money.”

Salford local plan: Hazelhurst Farm, Worsley (23.9 ha): 450 houses.

A council report states: “One reason for releasing the green belt in Salford is to diversify the types of housing coming into the city, specifically to increase the supply of family homes to ensure that a variety of housing needs are met. The allocations will also provide a significant number of affordable housing. The increase in housing supply is a downturn. If there is a period, it will increase the resilience of the city’s housing market.”

On the regional plan, Salford says its housing need for 2021 to 37 is 26,528 – an annual average of 1,658. That’s 5,000 more than 21,424 of the city’s own local housing needs.

Artist’s impression of what the new property will look like on Hazelhusrt Farm, off East Lancashire Road in Worsley. Bid for 450 residences submitted by landowners Peel

Annabel Partridge, Peel L&P’s Executive Vice President of Development Planning, said: “We carefully considered both the natural features of the area and the existing community when developing our plans. Our proposals for Hazelhurst Farm will represent an investment of over £54 million to build a sustainable and inclusive new community and deliver some of the new family and affordable homes the area desperately needs, as well as provide a much needed new site for a new location. primary school

“Peel L&P is a long-term investor in Salford and we have successfully implemented several transformation plans jointly over many years, such as improvements to MediaCity, AJ Bell Stadium, RHS and Bridgewater Canal.

“As many will know, the delivery of new families and affordable homes is a longstanding challenge across the City with the need for new primary school spaces, so we are really pleased to feature this new community that is now completely new. It is in line with the new plan of Salford and Greater Manchester.

“We are also really excited to show locals the innovative and sustainable housing designs of Northstone, headquartered here in Salford, and how we can create attractive, modern neighborhoods through careful design.”

Find out more about offers and have your say at You can also call the dedicated community information line (Monday-Friday, 9:00 – 17:00) on 0333 358 0502. Public participation will continue until the 14th. June 2022.

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