Phil Zen Design launches a Quickie Quiz to help shoppers find their perfect work-from-home chair

Are you overwhelmed by all the office chair options on the market? Not sure what suits you best? Tilt, saddle, kneel, swing, ball? This easy 15 second quiz provides you with a non-heavy shortcut to know what’s best for you

Phil Zen's office chair quiz offers a short list of 2022 bestsellers to help you choose what's best for you.  Varier Kneeling chair, Capisco or Salli saddle chair, Move stool, venn design air ball chair corechair

So much design to discover and choose from. Which one suits you best? It depends on 4 main factors:

We enable the shift in interior culture by recommending a selection of outstanding designs that enhance and simplify your everyday experience.  Our environmental impact is taken into account at every step.

Philippe Gryc, founder and CEO of Phil Zen Design, is enabling the change in interior culture by recommending a selection of outstanding designs that enhance and simplify the customer’s everyday experience. Environmental impact is taken into account at every step of the process

With so many different seating options out there, it can be overwhelming to find the right chair. Phil Zen Design launches a simple quiz to make it simple

This quiz will give you a shortcut through the many things to consider when looking for the perfect chair that is tailored to your needs, wants, expectations and budget.”

– Philippe Gryck

TORONTO, ON, CANADA, June 9, 2022 / — A free 15-second quiz to help consumers get a quick, personalized recommendation for choosing the best work-from-home chair for their work environment, work style, and other considerations is now available from Phil Zen Design, the today announced retailer of ergonomic and eco-friendly furniture and decoration.

The quiz consists of four questions. After answering all four, the quiz participants are immediately shown the desk chair that is probably the most satisfying.

“The quiz isn’t a sales gimmick — it’s an educational tool to draw attention to product types and designs that seat buyers may not have thought of before,” said Philippe Gryc, founder of Phil Zen Design. “The quiz is designed to help shoppers make more informed decisions. It is my belief that informed decision making in ergonomics can lead to life-changing experiences.”

Gryc said shoppers can take the quiz without committing themselves to making a purchase or receiving a newsletter. “You don’t have to sign up for anything; you don’t have to provide any personally identifiable information,” he explained.

Busy shoppers and those who are impatient with the conventional process of finding the right office chair will find the quiz a valuable resource, Gryc assured.

The questions touch on what Gryc has deemed the most important factors for getting a perfect fit when it comes to seat selection. Those factors are:
* Workspace design
* Sitting time while working
* User personality
* Budget

“We put together supplier offers that score the highest on quality and performance and are made using sustainable materials and processes,” he said. “With so many different choices in our catalog, it can be difficult to find the perfect one without help. Usually the help comes by talking to me and my team. But because many consumers are in a rush these days, we’ve created this quiz to provide near-instant personalized assistance when choosing a seat.

The idea of ​​creating the quiz had been haunted by Gryc for a while, he revealed.

“Since Phil Zen Design started, the most frequently asked questions I received from shoppers were ‘What are the best types of office chairs’, ‘Which are the bestsellers?’, ‘Why are they the bestsellers?’, and ‘Which of those bestsellers suits me in my own home office?’

“Me and my team answered those questions via phone, email or online chat, but I noticed that some shoppers didn’t have the time to really connect with us through those channels. So for them I decided to reduce the typical phone, email and chat conversation to its essence. The result were the four questions that make up the quiz.”

The quiz has been well received by its customers, Gryc said. “A lot of them took the quiz and said they found it very helpful,” he said.

Gryc added that he is open to taking similar quizzes for other types of home furniture and home decor products his company carries, but will be guided by the amount of interest consumers show in seeing more of it.

“We can imagine creating quizzes for each category, but eventually our customers will tell us what they find useful or not,” says Gryc. “People’s time has never been more precious and we want to make sure we always take it into account by providing value in the most concise ways.”

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Phil Zen Design is an online lifestyle and furniture retailer headquartered in Toronto. Phil Zen Design offers products and solutions to help people who work from home find the right balance between comfort, practicality in the office, healthy living and family cohesion. Philippe Gryc founded Phil Zen Design in 2019 to enable a shift in interior cultures by recommending outstanding and sustainable designs created to enhance everyday life while simplifying it.

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