Phantom flushes, birds that seek roughage


Guys enjoy the email questions we get every day.

Often times, issues are subjects that many of our listeners are likely to have experienced. So it makes sense to include the answers for everyone to see and read.

ask. I swear we have ghosts! In the middle of the night I heard the toilet flushing downstairs. Knowing no one was in the 60 year old house, we were still in the well and our water softener had black in it. What could this be?

g No need to perform exorcism What you may need is good personnel to inspect the bottom or points of the well and a trusted plumber such as Shelby Mechanical in Shelby Township or Water Work Plumbing in Ferndale.

The private well draws your water from an ever-changing underground river. As the aquifer increases and decreases over time, You may find grating deterioration at the bottom of the pipe. This causes the particles to be pumped up with the water — and into your pipes and softener.

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