Pet detectives share how to keep pets from disappearing.


Pet detectives share how to keep pets from disappearing.

when the pet is gone It can be an incredibly tragic experience for both the animal and its owner. Pet parents can experience a wide range of emotions. including feelings of guilt As they question what they could have done differently to prevent the disappearance.

With years of investigative experience and a deep understanding of animal behavior, real-life pet detective Angel Kneves explains how to keep your pets safe and what to do if they get lost.

As a former New York City Police Department detective and animal advocate from a young age, Searching for lost pets seemed natural to Nieves upon retirement. To date, Nieves has dealt with hundreds of cases. In many cases there is one similarity: pets disappear due to the owner’s irresponsibility.

“Animals disappear when left unattended. Even if you think your backyard is safe. But it only takes a pet a second to walk through an open door or duck under a fence,” says Nieves. only venture in the backyard But these animals can still enter through the pet door. So it’s a good idea to keep their mouths shut.

“Pet owners also overlook the fact that pets left unattended in cars or tethered to poles can suddenly be stolen. So don’t leave your pet alone for even a minute,” he added.

There are several proactive measures that can be taken to mitigate these risks. first and foremost Always be with your pets and never leave them unattended. Even in your own backyard. Also, if you’re leaving the house in a hurry or there’s something unusual going on in your house. Pets may find a way to escape or hide.


“Make sure the microchip is current and the ID tag with current phone number is visible,” Nieves said.

Also, be careful when interacting with strangers and avoid sharing too much information about pets on social media platforms. This will prevent potential thieves from targeting pets.

In case you believe your pet is missing, Nieves says step number one is to backtrack.

“Think about what happened before that day. Then check hidden spots in your home, like under your bed or behind the couch,” he says. “Check the security cameras and doorbell video. Check with your family to see if anyone has seen the pet or has it in their possession.

“If you still can’t find it, call 311 or 911 to report it. Then try contacting a professional pet detective,” he added.

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