Pet Adoption Month 2023 to tackle animal numbers in New Zealand shelters


If you’re considering getting a pet, you might want to consider adoption, says PetStock, because an ever-present number of animals get caught up in the cycle of pet homelessness.

The appeal comes in time for National Pet Adoption Month this month, under the theme “adopt differently.”

Sherralea Cassidy, charity and events manager for PETstock Assist, says adopting different basically means adopting the animal you connect with.

“We challenge Kiwis to think differently and open their hearts to the possibility of an unexpected new family member…Each time you adopt a pet, you are playing a part in ending the crisis. pet roaming in New Zealand,” says Cassidy.


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PETstock’s charitable foundation, PetStock Assist New Zealand, is challenging misconceptions and asking that we consider a pet’s personality and lifestyle suitability, and give groups a chance neglected.

Hamiltonian Craig Richmond, a commercial photographer, was one of those who gave a neglected pet a chance. He adopted Greyhound Adobe Flame after his retirement from racing. When he met Flame, you could tell she chose him – instantly attracting him.

Being a foster child himself, Craig was impressed with the ease and ongoing support throughout Flame’s transition to a new home.

“Flame was not a rescue dog but was rather given to me in retirement. She absolutely saved me though,” he says.



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Greyhound Adobe Flame is a retired racing dog.  Photo / Provided
Greyhound Adobe Flame is a retired racing dog. Photo / Provided

To spread the word, PETstock stores across New Zealand, including Hamilton, will host local animal rescue organizations this weekend to rehome pets currently living with PETstock Assist rescue partners, such as Lonely Miaow, Greyhounds as Pets and Saving Hope.

In-store adoption days are a great opportunity to talk face-to-face with local pet rescue groups, learn more about the adoption and placement process, and dispel misconceptions. .

A recurring misconception is that behavioral issues land many animals in shelters, however, the most common causes include an increase in owners’ cost of living, a move or change in family circumstances, and lack of time. .

PETstock does not sell dogs or cats in its stores due to its commitment to the ethical repatriation of animals in need. The rescue pets available for adoption or placement over the weekend vary from store to store.

The details

What: PETstock Hamilton National Pet Adoption Weekend

When: Saturday March 18 and Sunday March 19

Or: PETstock Hamilton at The Base Shopping Centre, Corner Te Rapa Rd and Wairere Drive

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