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Pennsylvania is going all-in on home decor for Christmas


Pennsylvanians are all over the top planning over-the-top, Clark Griswold, anti-Joakim decorations this Christmas season.

According to the 2020 Holiday Home Trends Report from online decor company Modsy, 69% of Pennsylvanians say they will welcome Santa with a fully decorated holiday display.

That ties Pennsylvania with Washington state for third place among the most Christmas-happy states, behind Illinois at 71% and Texas at 70% and ahead of Ohio at 67%.

“It makes sense that many people are putting extra effort into their holiday decor this year so they can make their home a place of joy and pleasure since they’ll be spending so much time there this season,” said Alessandra Wood, vice president for style. at Modsy, which surveyed 2,000 people across the country to develop the trend report.

About 93% of respondents said that it is important to them that everyone is comfortable, warm, cozy and together in their house.

Pennsylvanians are decking out the halls, and a report reveals that 69% say they'll welcome Santa with a holiday display.

Modsy noted that this year people are putting a lot of emphasis on making sure their home is a relaxing, comfortable place for everyone to spend time together. In interior design, a Hygge design style is about coziness, comfort and warmth. And this year is the season to get your Hygge on.

The kitchen was ranked as the most important room for keeping the holidays going with 84%, while the family room was second.