Penhaligon’s sunny new fragrance is inspired by Highgrove Gardens

It was inspired by Tilia Petiolaris

The new Penhaligon’s X Highgrove Gardens fragrance was inspired by the Tilia Petiolaris, or weeping silver linden tree (so called for its silvery heart-shaped leaves), which grows in abundance at Highgrove House, the family home of HRH The Prince of Wales and The Duchess of Cornwall. Around this time of year, the tree releases its fragrance, which blows on the breeze right through the open windows into the house itself. Its smell? Like earthly sunshine, according to Prince Charles, whose idea it was to capture the scent that symbolized a summer at Highgrove for him.

No trees were harmed in its making – perfumer Julie Pluchet and her team used headspace technology, whereby a glass dome was placed around the flower on several occasions to capture the essence during a process known as gas chromatography-mass spectrometry. They then assessed the molecular structure and mapped and mirrored it perfectly, capturing a natural experience that reflects not only the green tones, but all the other essences carried through the air.

The plush didn’t stop at the silver-leaved linden tree

The perfumer combined the green, floral, powdery and animalic facets of the wood with white flowers, such as tuberose, to enhance the sunny floral note, and mimosa to add a light powdery effect. Lavender and geranium provide a natural crispness, while soft musky blonde woods such as cedar and orris fusion ensured that the fragrance captured the elegance and sophistication of Highgrove Estate.

Penhaligon’s new fragrance, Highgrove Bouquet, is inspired by the weeping silver linden tree.

Prince Charles’ passion for sustainability is at the core

As an active and passionate advocate for sustainability, Prince Charles was determined that the fragrance should be as sustainable as possible, which also aligns with Penhaligon’s environmental vision. All card and paper are 100 percent recycled and reusable, and all printing is done with organic inks, free of mineral oils. Plastic was rejected, as was cellophane wrapping, which was replaced by biodegradable film wrapping. There are plans to roll out this new way of packaging to all of Penhaligon’s other fragrances in the near future.

Why should you buy it?

Ten percent of the proceeds from the fragrance help fund the Prince’s Foundation, which offers training and education programs that promote sustainability and help preserve heritage skills that might otherwise be lost. From courses in furniture making to learning how to make artisanal textiles, as well as creating activities for local communities, such as the Platinum Jubilee tea held earlier this year to combat loneliness, the breadth of schemes and ventures is wide open and varied.

Where should you wear it?

Save it for a late summer picnic or cocktails on a warm summer evening as the sun goes down. It is a fragrance that is best worn around friends and family in accordance with the ancient knowledge of the silverleaf linden tree. Traditionally, people would gather under it, have picnics and ceremonies, because of the mythology attached to it that focused on purity. Relax and let the breeze carry your scent to all…

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