Painted Stair Ideas – 11 creative ways to raise the bar

If you’re tired of your current hallway decor, one way to impress is to transform your stairs with paint. There are many stair ideas using paint that can turn this often overlooked space into a vibrant pattern that highlights key architectural features in the process.

“When decorating an entrance or hallway, it’s really important to create a pattern that flows from room to room,” says Ruth Mottershead, creative director of Little Greene. (opens in a new tab). ‘These areas can often be narrow without a lot of natural light, so through the use of color it is possible to create a color scheme that brings warmth, light and design interest to the space. Instead of treating them as a separate area, incorporate the hallway and stairs into your design scheme with a coordinating color palette or create a statement by adding beautiful wallpaper that will create a design statement full of personality. ‘

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