Paint Trends: How Interior Designers Want You to Decorate in 2022

I am a millennial, born in an era characterized by magnolia painted walls and greige rugs. Between an addiction to oat milk flat whites, a wardrobe of exclusively high-waisted clothes, and a dusty collection of late ’90s cassette tapes I could never part with, I also harbor a soft spot for color. home, a silent act of rebellion against the clotted cream walls of my childhood home. My parents’ generation is still reeling from wallpaper borders, shiny carpeted bathrooms, and their parents’ penchant for pairing wallpaper with curtain with cushion, so much so that every anachronistic example of the style of the years 1960 and 70 seems to them today a personal affront. Having been spared that same aesthetic hangover, I see colorful expression in the home as something to be celebrated, not shunned. According to interior designers, the best and easiest way to start bringing color into the home is with paint, so here are some tips from the best in the business to get started with paint in an interesting and impactful way.

Justyna Korczynska, senior designer at Crown

“If you’re looking for a really dramatic wall decoration, you can create a mural. Murals generally work best in large, open spaces. If space is limited, opt for one based on simple freehand geometric shapes. This will always work well providing high impact.You can create a centerpiece mural by painting a large square on a powder blue wall in a deep toned color that can cover architectural details such as doors and architraves for maximum effect. Pastels are surprisingly versatile and work just as well with very modern architecture as they do with traditional elements – they help to accentuate the underlying style when used on all walls and can even go on woodwork and ceilings.

Crown’s new Walls & Ceilings collection is the first paint range in the UK to receive Vegan Verification certification by independent testing house, Eurofins. £18 for 2.5l

Annie Sloan, color and painting expert

Satin Paint in Canvas, Tyrian Plum Wall Paint, Chalk Paint in Rodmell

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Satin Painting on Canvas, Tyrian Plum Wall Painting, Rodmell Chalk Painting

(Annie Sloan)

“Plain white tiles in the kitchen or bathroom can be completely transformed with paint. To achieve the ever-popular checkerboard look, simply choose two of your favorite colors and alternate on each tile. It’s super simple, but super chic! Geometric shapes on tiles also look fabulous and modern and are easy to create. Use bowls and plates, you don’t need anything more complicated than that.

Elsewhere in the house, be equally intuitive and experimental using an abundance of brightly colored hues. It can create a real sense of joy. Paint stairs, furniture, vases, bowls, lamp bases and even lampshades, in colors and styles you’ve never dared before.

Annie Sloane’s Chalk Paint™ adheres to almost any surface – wood, ceramic, metal, marble and most plastics. £23.95 for 1l,

Steve Corcoran, Head of Design Consulting at House of Hackney

‘Playful stencils can add a point of interest to a plain space’

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“Playful stencils can add a point of interest to an ordinary space”

(House of Hackney)

“Highlighting architectural elements with contrasting colors will help set them off and create more character. Or if there aren’t any, creating them using playful stencils can add a point of interest in a united space.Playful details such as painting a ceiling in a strong color can also help transform a space and make it feel so atmospheric. exterior of the window, so the bedroom echoes the palette of organic greens and silvery purples, which work beautifully together.”

Every pot of paint sold enables House of Hackney to purchase and protect 35 square meters of forest, thanks to our partnership with the World Land Trust. £65 for 2.5l,

Martin Waller, founder of Andrew Martin

“Never make the mistake of thinking that your house is finished: it evolves over time. With paint you can very simply and easily transform a room. To start, choose colors that highlight your favorite artwork, textiles, photographs, or whatever else you want to decorate your walls with. Paint is the backdrop to any interior, and your personality can be imprinted everywhere, so it should feel right in the space.

Canopy Paint, £51 for 2.5l, Architect Side Table, £250, Sundance, £495, Clara Custom Sofa, from £1,235, Wright Table lamp in Gilded Iron and Glass, £450

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Canopy Paint, £51 for 2.5l, Architect Side Table, £250, Sundance, £495, Clara Custom Sofa, from £1,235, Wright Gold Iron and Glass Table Lamp, £450

(Andre Martin)

Andrew Martin’s A Journey Through Color paint collection has virtually no odor and high opacity. £51 for 2.5l,

Emma Deterding, Founder and Creative Director, Kelling Designs

“A talented decorator painter can create a bespoke finish that can not only transform a room, but also set the tone and texture of the space. From linen effects and modern paneling, to trailing or even ruffling (many people will remember these from the 1980s and 90s), these beautiful effects can bring color and depth to a room that wouldn’t be achievable with wallpaper, flat paint or fabrics. real color magicians and can see and combine many different shades in the effect – something so remarkable and unique.

‘We created a panelled room from a plain wall using paint to add interest, definition and detailing’

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“We created a paneled room from a plain wall using paint to add interest, definition and detail”

(Kelling Designs)

In this project, our own showroom in London, we have created a paneled room from a plain wall using paint to add interest, definition and detail to surround the fireplace while creating a beautiful focal point. We have used the same color palette to create different looks throughout the showroom to allow our customers to experience them in the flesh and be inspired to allow us to include them in their design schemes. The chimney was even made to look like limestone – we had no budget to remove the existing one, which was hideous and white. It just shows what can be achieved with paint, smart design and the best of the best design talent. »

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