Organizing for the fall

At this time of year, items used during the warmer months should find storage space indoors. Summer is the time for everything outdoors. But as the cooler months arrive, things like the lawnmower and kiddie pool toys have to find their place indoors. According to Chris Schmidt, co-owner of Dream House Dream Kitchens, “Things that were convenient to leave out all summer can get in the way during the colder months if not in use.” So at this time of year, “you’re going to see people who need help organizing these larger items,” he says.

While many people may turn to mudrooms for extra storage space, Schmidt points out that the garage is usually an overlooked space to create organization. “When I ask people what the largest room in the house is, many might say their living room or basement. But the garage is actually the largest room in the house,” he says.

However, it is not a good idea to throw items in the garage without a system in place. Garages have the advantage of higher ceilings and so a slatted wall system would work great in the garage. “With this system, you can create a lot of organization without having to build racks,” says Schmidt. And as with all Dream House Dream Kitchens design services, the initial design process involves creating a 2D floor plan that looks down on the space. This allows customers to know exactly what they are getting and how everything will fit because, as Schmidt explains, “When everything has a place, nothing feels out of place.”


Dream House Dream Kitchens is also on top of creatively rethinking organizational spaces in the home. “We show customers how to use the height of a cabinet as more homes now have higher ceilings,” says Schmidt. “There are cabinet systems that allow you to store things higher — like the pull rod, a suspension rod on a mechanical arm system.” This, he explains, will raise and lower clothes from a height of 3 meters to eye level. “People tend to run out of big dressers. So let’s show them how to incorporate drawers or baskets into the closet.” At Dream House Dream Kitchens, every design is created with the customer’s needs in mind.



Space Organizing Tools

Marling Lumber and HomeWorks provide numerous organizational tools for many rooms in the home. “We offer a wide variety of cabinet lines specializing in storage solutions in kitchens, offices, bathrooms, utility rooms, closets and the list goes on,” said Megan Schoenwetter, kitchen and bath designer. From filing cabinets for office storage to Tupperware organization in kitchens, Marling has everything you can think of to increase the orderliness of your home.

With its own lumber mill and design center, Marling is also uniquely positioned to have all the materials you need to design organizational spaces. Not only does this mean fewer construction delays, it also gives Marling customers even more resources for their remodeling projects. For example, one of the prevailing storage trends is the addition of mudrooms. And Marling can help you design it to your specifications. “This is a common room in the house where all our so-called junk is collected…shoes, coats, hats and so on,” explains Schoenwetter. “At Marling we can create ‘locker systems’ that help sort things better and more efficiently. Or we can help arrange shoe storage solutions – even sports equipment that can be hidden behind doors.” Now that 3D renderings of your designs are available in Marling’s design center, you can visualize the exact storage space before Marling makes this one.

Stop by one of the Marling locations for high quality products in a variety of price ranges. With this added flexibility, you can find the right designs for your budget. View these and more in Marling’s spacious displays to explore ideas and discover which organizational tools best suit your home life and home style. Marling’s designers can assist with the selection process, making your organizational changes at home both a cinch and a pleasure.


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