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Do you own a dog? If you are the proud parent of a puppy We can imagine you love your pet and don’t want to do anything to hurt their feelings. Everyone raises puppies differently due to a number of factors such as lifestyle, location, personal knowledge of dog raising, and so forth that you may accidentally do. things that hurt you dog feelings—negatively affects your relationship with them

Dogs experience feelings like you and me, happiness, anxiety, fear and frustration. Of course, we can’t control some factors that can upset our dog, such as bad weather. loud fireworks or a postman passing by But like life We can control one thing when having a dog. That’s how we behave. How do you behave around dogs? And what are you doing that might hurt your dog’s feelings?

with insights from Hunter Savedra Owner and Founder of Hunter’s Pet Sitting Orlando and Dr. Lindsay Butzer, DVMWe’ll help you uncover ways you might unintentionally hurt your dog’s feelings. including how to revert

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Does the dog experience pain from the sensation?

In short, yes, dogs can hurt feelings. You are the dog’s whole world. They love you and want to be complimented by you. above with your dog It will have a negative effect on them. The love and praise they used to feel can turn into fear, stress, and even depression.

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5 Things That Can Hurt Your Dog’s Feelings

1. Ignore Them

Question: How do you feel when your loved one takes the cold shoulder? Probably not so good Your dog feels the same way. And being ignored hurts their feelings. “The most common form of emotional abuse is emotional neglect. which is an unintentional failure to satisfy the animal’s emotional needs.” Franklin D. McMillanDirector of Well-Being Education, Best Friends Animal Society

Keep in mind that dogs are social creatures and need love, care, and affection just like humans. If you leave your dog alone No quality time with them or pushing them away. There is a high chance that you will hurt your dog’s feelings. Even if you are busy and constantly on the go. But there are steps you can take to ensure your dog continues to live his best life.

“Investing in a weekday dog ​​walker to spend time with your pup when you’re usually busy at work is one of the best ways to keep them happy and happy. Fill it up! A dog walker can give your dog a good boost of energy, or if they’re a more relaxed breed. They can provide socialization to improve your pet’s day. Plus, you won’t have to rush home after work. And you will go home to a happier puppy overall,” Saavedra explains.

“Filling up toys with small treats “Nutrition toys or dog-safe peanut butter are great ways to keep your dog from feeling neglected during a busy schedule,” Saavedra adds. Keep them busy during your long work day and pamper them with treats!”

Dr. Butzer agrees. “I recommend treats and toys to help keep your dog in shape if you have a busy schedule. You can have raw skins or bones not hide to keep them busy while you’re away. I also always recommend exercising. The dog for 10-30 minutes in the morning before a busy schedule. your will begin to keep your pet calm and happy.”

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2. Punishment of horrible behavior

fireworks thunderstorm The vacuum cleaner…this starts to scratch what your dog might feel scared of. likewise Some dogs have extreme anxiety or lack of confidence. which makes them more fearful and shy

Saavedra told parade It is known that dogs have the same energy as their owners. “A great way to help your dog if they are frightened is to provide a calm and safe environment for them. take a deep breath to calm down and create a feeling of relaxation You can sit on the floor with your dog while petting them, talking softly and most importantly, be patient!”

Punishing your dog for not liking their timid behavior doesn’t frighten them. This can make things worse and hurt the dog’s feelings. Punishing fear-based behavior also increases the risk of aggression. This has other long-term consequences as well. Try to stay level with them and treat them with more compassion to calm the turmoil.


If your pet is very frightened, Dr. Butzer says You may also want to consult your veterinarian for a sedative or anti-anxiety medication to help calm them down and condition them to be more comfortable in stressful situations. “I like to go first with Gabapentin, which is a seizure medication that calms the brain and calms dogs. Then I like to use trazadone if the dog is scared to the point of aggression. Most veterinarians will. Be very careful about giving sedatives, the other way around is just lots of training, socialization and desensitization with the pet.”

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3. Discord

Parents often joke that their parents are “good cops” and “bad cops.” Good cop parents let their kids get away with almost everything. Parents who are bad cops lay down basic rules and strictly follow them. Are you a good cop or a bad cop with your dog? think about it

“Dogs are constantly looking for advice from their owners,” Saavedra explains. reduce undesirable behavior and improve their physical and mental health. One of the best additions to your pet’s routine is providing daily walks.

“Most dogs like to go for a walk every day. Because it’s a channel for their energy to be released,” Saavedra continues. “Huskies, for example. This is known to damage homes when proper power is not released. by walking at least once a day They may learn to look forward to evening walks and be Less likely to damage your rugs and baseboards!”

You might not believe it, but being a “bad cop” and following the rules is one of the best things you can do for your dog. It’s important to follow that. Don’t let your dog jump on the couch when you want it to be. And punish when you don’t—this can confuse the dog and hurt his feelings. The same goes for having a consistent daily feeding time. The same applies to other behaviors such as jumping or begging.

As long as you create a training guide with your best partner. Stick to short, repetitive commands. “Giving short commands like ‘sit’, ‘soft’ or ‘leave’ will help instill good behavior in your dog. because of short order It’s easier to understand and relate to the action you want to take,” says Saavedra. parade“It’s important to follow your commands so your dog knows what to expect. A consistent routine coupled with basic training equals a happy puppy and a happy owner!”

4. Using crates as punishment

Don’t use a dog crate as a means of punishment. When you start using the cage as a punishment Your dog will begin to perceive going into the crate as a bad thing. Then, every time you put him in the crate — for whatever reason — their feelings hurt. Imagine you’re out for a walk and Fido is visibly annoyed because you put him in a crate. And it thinks he did something wrong.

follow Stephanie Gibolt, MSC, CPDT, Certified Professional Dog Trainer and Master of Science in Animal Behavior. It is important to create as many positive relationships with the cage as possible. Think about making the crate comfortable for them by adding toys, treats, and bedding. You can also play games like fetch where you throw a ball into a box or serve food in a box.

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5. Rub their noses in it.

This one applies to pet parents who are potty training their dogs. If your dog has a potty accident in the house Don’t rub the dog’s nose in that accident. to speak as if to scold or punish Your dog is learning And scolding like this will teach your dog to fear you rather than trust you. This will communicate to your dog that they should hide instead of telling them to go. and the accident will continue

Think about it, how would you feel if someone got angry at you because you had an accident after holding it for hours? You probably feel uncomfortable too. Rubbing your dog’s nose in all sorts of accidents will hurt their feelings.

How to make your dog happy

The good news is that there are many ways you can keep your dog happy and satisfied. Here are some important things you can do to ensure you are the best pet parent for your puppy:

  • Give enough time to play and exercise.
  • Learn about the common behaviors of your dog breed and why they behave like that.
  • Even if they have learned the basics. Never stop practicing them.
  • Provide interesting toys and puzzles to keep them happy in the house too.
  • Be sure to praise your puppy for good behavior.
  • Be a disciplined pet parent by maintaining a consistent routine and rule system.

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