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Norwalk Unveils Yankee Doodle Garage Color Survey


NORWALK – The Yankee Doodle Garage at 3 Burnell Blvd. is a cold and gray structure. But not for long.

The city unveiled an online poll where residents are asked to choose one of five choices for a new color scheme for the garage. Transportation, Mobility and Parking Manager Jim Travers said the survey has already received a lot of attention from residents, which city spokeswoman Michelle Woods Matthews said is the result of public interest in the redevelopment of the surrounding area.

Residents have until Sept. 21 to vote for their pick, but Travers said the response has already been heavy.

“Almost 48 hours after launching our social media survey, we have 524 responses,” Travers said.

The city has previously asked the public to share their thoughts on municipal designs. But people, said city spokeswoman Michelle Woods Matthews, are really interested in the garage because of its connection to the city’s redevelopment initiatives.