Noida Supertech Twin Towers – Balcony, Terrace, Road, Park: All Taken in Noise for Best View | Noida news

NOIDA: The last time Priya Srivastava had waited with bated breath and a camera in hand was as the sun was about to emerge from behind the Himalayas at dawn in a village in Himachal. Her excitement was no less on Sunday as the clock ticked towards 2.30pm, closer to home.
“I think we can get the best view from a height. I just came down to see the crowd of people. I have completed all the housework so I am at peace when twin towers Come down. I have to hurry out on the balcony now. The blast can happen anytime,” said Priya, a resident of Divine Meadows in sector 93.

By 2pm on Sunday every vantage point that gave the slightest glimpse of the towers was taken. While some came from other Noida sectors, a few came from various NCR cities, Gurgaon and Faridabad.
But Riyaz and his wife stood out. The couple had come all the way from Agra – 200 km away – to fulfill their 5-year-old grandson’s wish to see the towers fall. “It’s such a big event. And a historic one too. My grandson wanted to see this up close and that’s why we came here,” Riyaz told PTI.

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For Radhey Shyam Tiwari, the demolition of the Twin Towers was the victory of good over evil. “Aisa nazaara to Dussehra par dekhne ko milta hain. Charo taraf log aur samne Ravan ka putla. Isme bhi logon ki jeet hui hai (this frenzy among people is like Dussehra celebrations when we sit around and the effigy of Ravan is burnt. Here too have people got justice),” said Tiwari, who had come with his son from Sector 78.
The battle for the perfect location and camera angle started early in the morning. Many who came from distant cities “booked” their places and refused to budge throughout the day lest it should be taken.

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Among them was Gulshan Singh, who had come from Gurgaon with his wife and two daughters. “It is a relief that the demolition is scheduled for 2.30 pm. We will have enough time to return home and watch the India-Pakistan cricket match on TV,” he said.
Sushil Kumar Nigam had come from Sector 108 with binoculars in hand and stationed himself in a park opposite Divine Meadows. He wanted to see the Twin Towers razed to the ground for his friend, who fought the 10-year legal battle but died of Covid last year. “I have an emotional reason to be here. I am happy for all the Emerald Court residents. But I am here for my classmate and friend Mahendra Jain. He is not with us today but saw the legal process,” said Nigam.

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While some cooked lunch at breakfast, others stayed away from the kitchen and ordered food from restaurants. “We have a friend coming over and I didn’t want my wife to be in the kitchen all day. We all want only one job in the afternoon – staring at the twin towers,” said Sudhir Jaiswal, a resident. of sector 108
When the siren wailed just before the explosion, Tushar ran towards the elevator. “My friend said he got a clear view from the terrace. So I rushed over. It had a better view than from the balcony of our apartment,” said the Divine Meadows resident.
By 2:29 p.m., everyone had whipped out their cameras and pointed them at the towers. Then there was that moment of eerie silence. “I could even hear my heart beating with a thump. The noise was like Diwali crackers and the towers came down like a pack of cards. The entire area was engulfed in a cloud of dust,” Tushar told TOI.
Ratan Lal of Gejha village could not say that he had seen anything like this in his life. “It’s like straight out of an English movie scene,” he said.

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