NJ minor league baseball team abandoning Yogi Berra Stadium as home

One of the state’s minor league baseball teams has announced it is leaving its longtime field after 25 years.

The New Jersey Jackals would play their final game at Yogi Berra Stadium on August 25, as confirmed in a statement on the team’s Twitter account.

Plans for the club move from the Frontier League will be announced in September, the team said.

Yogi Berra Stadium in Little Falls is owned by Montclair State University, which still has other teams using the stadium.

“Yogi Berra Stadium is home to our NCAA Division III intercollegiate baseball team. The field is also used by recreational teams. We have no immediate plans for a new tenant,” a university spokesperson said in a written response to New Jersey. 101.5.

Jackals team owner Al Dorso also owns the Sussex County Miners, which is another of the 16 teams in the Frontier League.

The Miners play at home at Skylands Stadium, which is located at 94 Championship Place in the Augusta section of Frankford Township.

The team departing Little Falls did not share more details about a possible future home, ahead of the fall announcement.

“The Jackals are excited to share this new chapter with their existing fans and hope this news will start a new group of fans as well. This is an evolving story and we anticipate making the announcement at our new home in early September. there, it’s all an unconfirmed rumor, which we won’t speculate on,” Reed Keller, co-general manager of the Jackals, said in a written statement to New Jersey 101.5 on Friday.

He continued, “We would also like to thank Montclair State and the longtime fans of Yogi Berra Stadium for their support during the 25 great years we spent in Little Falls.”

Keller is also the team’s Director of Sales and Media Relations.

Amid speculation about future plans for the Jackals’ new home, a historic site in Passaic County is keen to stay in contention.

“Regardless of the circumstances surrounding the departure of the New Jersey Jackals, this could be a great opportunity for Hinchliffe Stadium,” Brian LoPinto, co-founder of Friends of Hinchliffe Stadium, said in a written statement to New Jersey 101.5.

“Hinchliffe is the only stadium within the confines of a National Park. Great Falls National Historic Park attracts over 300,000 visitors a year, this is a captive audience that should not be ignored,” he continued. “The Jackals provide affordable family entertainment for visitors and locals alike. Securing a team for Paterson will be the beginning of Hinchliffe Stadium’s long-term success. The Hinchliffe Stadium developer needs to ensure that a racetrack is not installed for this to be successful.” successful.”

Hinchliffe Stadium is a 10,000-seat stadium in Paterson, which is one of the last remaining Negro Leagues stadiums in the US.

In April, the city marked a 1-year anniversary of the inauguration of the renovated stadium.

Erin Vogt is a reporter and anchor for New Jersey 101.5. You can contact her at [email protected]

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