Newly taken care of white dog ‘Attacked By A Puddle’ Delights Audiences With Its Mess


Two snow dogs were attacked by netizens A clip of him returning home drenched in mud went viral on social media this week.

In the viral clip shared on TikTok on Monday by an owner under a username Lifewithsnowdogs Two dogs, Graham and Samoyed, can be seen walking around their owner’s kitchen with their paws and fur muddy from the outside. as they leave traces of the dirt around the homeowner’s clean house

The hilarious post was accompanied by the caption, “Pov: You left your newly groomed Samoyed alone with your foster husky for 5 minutes.” help please”

At the same time, the owner of the clip can be heard saying: “Graham, what’s going on mate? I’m sitting here trying to make my spaghetti there and I’m overlooking… I don’t get it! Do this, you have something with you!”

According to the pet health experts at Wag! There are many reasons why dogs like to roll in the mud. Even after going through an expensive grooming bath Probably because they were bored and rolling in the mud was funny. Or maybe it’s because they’re hot and they’re trying to cool down their body temperature.

There is also speculation that this behavior is instinct and comes from an ancestral instinct to hide. That’s because of rolling around in mud or other substances. able to mask their smell This allows them to sneak up on their prey more effectively.

The video quickly went viral on social media. Attracts animal lovers from across the platform. So far it has received more than 88,000 views and 9,804 likes.


One user, slbthemom, commented: “Graham doesn’t seem to understand either… Poor guy” and Tara Cochran said “Samoyed said they were attacked by a puddle.” AlanWest joked, “Thou Innocent huskies!! They actually saved them from the mud.”

A stock photo of a muddy husky, two snow dogs on a muddy floor where their owners melted the hearts online.
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A-me wrote: “The convo… Husky: Dare. Samoyed: Bet.” And klyflo says: “Graham: I slipped. Ah, ah.” “He has another spa appointment in your backyard.”

Another user, MelodyG, commented, “Your Sammy looks confused as to what’s going on” and Kai said: “Haha he’s like, um, I don’t even know where to start…”

GoddessHela wrote: “Bad my great Pyrenees on Saturday, 10 minutes later she was like this” and Yael Solonche added: “Mom I am giving myself a mud mask and a pedicure. It’s supposed to make my skin glow and soft.”

Newsweek Contact Lifewithsnowdogs To comment via Instagram, we were unable to verify the details of the case.

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