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The shocking attack occurred at the time of ‘five minutes’ (Image: Solent News Southampton)

People were told to keep their dogs on their toes after a foal was attacked in the New Forest.

The photo shows an Australian cattle dog gritting its teeth at a mare and chasing it at Wilverley Plain. which is an area where people walk their dogs

The New Forest Commoners Defense Association says dogs frighten ponies and drive birds away as an increasing problem.

Andrew Norton, local farmer and association president It warned that dog attacks pose real risks to animals.

He said: ‘It doesn’t matter how cute and fluffy your dog is. It will chase if cattle run away. I think it’s herd instinct in her blood. And people need to be aware of it.

‘If you come across a herd while out for a walk. Please lead your dog and make a wide bed for them.

‘There are probably many babies around this time of the year who will be running around merrily. There is also the danger of dogs chasing birds to nest at this time of year. People must be sensible.

‘The New Forest is huge, there’s a lot of space here for all of us.


horse chasing dog

Caretakers at New Forest urged walkers to bring their pets (Image: Solent News Southampton)

‘Luckily the mare is okay. And it doesn’t need veterinary treatment. The New Forest pony is very strong.’

anonymous photographer Captured the moment while out for a walk with three friends on April 26th.

He said: ‘The dog approached the pony and really started barking at it.

‘We think it might be an Australian cattle dog. The species bites at the ankles of livestock to keep them moving.


‘The movement of the horse made the dog more excited. And he started barking and barking at him.

‘Finally, the owner came over nonchalantly. and after a while can take the dog out

‘The whole event lasted five minutes. It must have been five minutes that the pony was startled.’

The New Forest has been home to ponies since the end of the last Ice Age. And these animals are allowed to roam freely.

Wild people, villagers who hold the right to graze release livestock to open fields

Around 3,000 cattle and 5,000 horses roam the forest during the summer.

The New Forest District Council has approved an order punishing the feeding of foals, horses, mules and donkeys after advice against feeding them was ignored ‘on a daily basis’.

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