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Courtesy photoThe finished entrance to The Station boutique, at 36 N. Maple St.

Eclectic shop offers sales, pizza and giveaways

A new store in Cortez called The Station has announced that its grand opening will be Saturday, November 26 from 10am to 8pm at 36 N. Maple St.

The grand opening will include free pizza and dessert while supplies last, gift cards and special sales. Sale includes 15% off items $50 or more and 20% off items $100 or more.

Owners Jeremy and Kara Linch are excited to see their project come to life.

“Everything just fell into place quickly without much worry or doubt. I have always loved fashion and even decorating. It’s such a fun and interesting time in style. … I love mixing boho, farmhouse, hippie country trends,” said Kara Linch.

“We also live in such an amazing area with all the western and native influences and cultures. I have such an appreciation for the talents and craftsmanship of all our local artisans. And now we get to sell all our favorite finds to our customers. We really want something for everyone,” she said.

Courtesy photoKara and Jeremy Linch, owners of The Station, a new store in Cortez at 36 N. Maple St.

The store is located in a 1950s building that was formerly an auto shop and gas station, which inspired the name. The store boasts women’s and men’s clothing, home decor, knives, jewelry, shoes, candles, coffee mugs, Red Dirt Hat Co. merchandise, and contemporary furniture and other woodworking pieces created in-house by Jeremy Linch.

The idea for the store came to the Linches during a trip to Texas. After visiting a western chic store in the Lone Star state and seeing many others along their journey, the idea for The Station was born.

“I told Jeremy, ‘We can do this in Cortez,'” Kara said. They went to work and did much of the remodeling themselves.

The station has been open since June, but it did not come without trials.

While working on a project at the shop, Jeremy Linch severed a tendon in his finger, requiring stitches to repair the tear. Kara didn’t come out of the remodeling process unscathed either. While painting the building’s exterior, a gust of wind knocked her off a ladder, causing an injury that required stitches above her eye and a broken wrist that required surgery a week later to install two plates and nine screws.

“There were a lot of tears of frustration and tears of gratitude,” Kara said. “We just kept trusting in God’s plan and that there was a reason for the trials.”

Although there were some hardships, there were many happy moments during construction. Just before the station was completed, the Linches’ first grandchild, Peyton Lane, was born, and the store has been graced with her presence in the store several times since its doors opened.

“Have I ever dreamed of owning a store?” Kara asked. “No, never. For years I’ve wondered what it was I was supposed to do with my God-given talents. What do I want to be when I grow up? God put it right in my face. Why did I never think of it? That all is God’s timing.”

Jeremy and Kara hope the station will be a fun and relaxing place for people to shop, whether they live in the Cortez area or are just passing through.

“We are over the moon with the response from this community and passersby,” Kara said.

The station’s normal opening hours are Monday to Friday 10am to 6pm and Saturday 10am to 5pm

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