New Akoni glasses stargazing


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New Akoni glasses stargazing

Switzerland-based eyewear innovator Akoni presents a new collection that refers to 20th century architecture, the universe and the latest technology.

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The unique aesthetics of the Akoni eyewear ‘Collection III’ are based on twin pillars of smart design and honest luxury. Founded in 2020 by creative director Salma Rachid and CEO Rosario Toscano with a headquarters in Lugano, Switzerland, the brand aims to accelerate eyewear evolution by combining the best of refinement and innovation, pushing the boundaries in design, materials, quality and finish. and functionality.

Committed to time-honored craftsmanship as well as technical advancements, Akoni works with talented Japanese artisans to create cutting-edge frames such as the new ‘Hercules’, ‘Hera’, ‘Athena’ and ‘Echo’ models.

The brand combines a dedication to craft and details (what it calls its “Shokunin” philosophy) with a commitment to use earth-friendly materials and procedures whenever possible (part of Green Harmony’s commitment) to create flexible frameworks. lifetime.


Design references cover luxury watches and writing instruments, and material details include uniquely light and hypoallergenic ceramics, Japanese cellulose acetate (zyl) and Japanese titanium.

Akoni Eyewear Collection III

For S/S 2022, Akoni looks to the still fresh and innovative spirit of the mid-century masters of architecture, their daring explorations and their optimistic proposals for a better society.

The frames reflect the sculptural curves of Oscar Niemeyer’s iconic buildings and the creative ‘sunshade’ solutions of Jean Prouvé’s legendary Maisons Tropicales, accepting architectural vision and clever craftsmanship.


Four new approaches to the brand’s striking side shields adorn the bezels, offering rich textural and color contrasts. Meanwhile, a creative scraping technique allows for the addition of tactile, subtle and organic linear patterns to two of Akoni’s most popular Japanese acetate frame styles.

“Akoni is staring at the stars,” says Rachid. ‘Each frame is named for an important element of the cosmos or for brave visionaries inspired by the power of these celestial bodies. This unusual naming is our way of making clear that we are always determined to channel the same spirit of curiosity and courage in each of our own explorations.’

Clockwise from top left, ‘Echo’, ‘Hera’, ‘Athena’ and ‘Hercules’


Geometric and oversized, this bold acetate bezel echoes the powerful silhouettes of the finest luxury watches, while channeling the captivating and elegant appeal of Italian cinema’s most legendary leading men.


With a sophisticated and simple cat-eye design, this silhouette gives the wearer a subtle lifting effect, highlighting the cheekbones and elongating the eye. Featuring a ceramic nose pad, titanium temple tip and end pieces, this style has distinctive colors and contrasts.



The striking front hood of this style, blinds The stylish protrusions that Jean Prouvé developed to shield his Maison Tropicales from the equatorial sun – the frame’s square, articulated metal frame exudes the elegance of its timeless designs. The enamel that surrounds and enhances the front rims and side cups, and the Akoni designers’ mastery of color combinations add the perfect finishing touch to these retro-flavored navigators.


The front hood echoes Jean Prouvé’s striking brise-soleil designs. Architectural elements of the Aviator ‘Echo’ frame also include a striking graphic play with black enamel, rim edges, hood and acetate side cups of the frame. §

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