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‘Never Too Small’ shows small houses from all over the world


Photo: screenshot from YouTube

With skyrocketing real estate and rental prices in most major cities around the world, tiny houses offer affordability. But to live in a small space, you have to be strategic about your decor. Fortunately, there is no shortage of genius ideas such as hidden storage or ingenious mezzanines. The YouTube channel Never too small offers fascinating tours of tiny homes from around the world and showcases the most stylish tiny homes.

Based in Australia, the channel was launched five years ago at the height of the small living movement. Now it has an archive of more than 100 videos. In each of them, the architect behind the design presents his ideas and solutions. After reviewing a few, it’s easy to pick up on some common threads and universally applicable methods, such as relying on white paint and wood detailing to make any room appear larger and airier, and taking advantage of natural light sources – or creating new ones.

Many videos show how the tiny home principles have been applied in the channel’s native Australia, from a self-contained tiny home in the Tasmanian region to a converted hotel room in the heart of Melbourne. Never Too Small cleverly reminds us that as cute as they are, these tiny houses don’t stand alone. The videos always show each tiny house in context, whether it’s in an old industrial neighborhood or on the side of an evergreen hill.

As champions of smart design and space optimization, Never Too Small features numerous tiny homes in Japan backed by decades-old building insights. Now these ideas allow many people to settle in crowded places like Tokyo or Osaka without compromising their comfort.

The most fascinating aspect of Never Too Small, however, is when it goes completely international, drawing attention to repurposed spaces in cities as contrasting as Buenos Aires and Kiev, or Singapore and Paris to confirm its versatility and appeal – to say the least. not to mention the need—for clever ways to create a cozy home when space is at a premium.

A YouTube channel called Never Too Small showcases creative tiny homes from around the world.

From Buenos Aires to Paris, it’s really interesting to see some universal solutions to make a room look bigger.

These videos prove the versatility and appeal – not to say the necessity – of clever ways to create a cozy home when space is at a premium.


Never too small: YouTube
h/t: [Open Culture]

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