Netizens are in tears When a blind rescue dog enjoys the first time at the beach


A blind rescue dog named Henry left the internet in tears after a video of him enjoying his first beach trip went viral on social media.

In the viral clip shared on TikTok on Sunday, Frenchie’s owner, under the username @Henryandpenny Puppies can be seen running on the sand towards the sea. Struggling to control the excitement as it enjoys every moment of a beach day.

The heartwarming post was accompanied by the caption, “Dog helps blind man first time at the beach!” followed by: “I think he’s happy!”

Stock photo of a dog enjoying a trip to the sea A rescue dog for the blind enjoying a day trip to the beach melts hearts online.
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According to the People’s Dispensary for Sick Animals (PDSA), a UK veterinary charity, There are many causes of blindness in dogs. Blindness can occur suddenly or gradually depending on the cause.

Dog blindness can be caused by cataracts. which is more common in older and diabetic dogs; glaucoma; uveitis, which is inflammation inside the eye retinal disease diseases of the optic nerve; and brain diseases such as bleeding, ischemic stroke, tumor or infection

Other reasons include common diseases such as diabetes, severe eye injuries, tumors, and breed-specific problems.

Signs that your dog may be blind include changes in the appearance of their eyes. clumsiness; I don’t want to go out at night Easily startled and nervous bumping into people, walls, or furniture Getting lost outside, walking slowly and cautiously Other signs include confusion; confused; and unable to find toys, balls and food plates


The video quickly went viral on TikTok, attracting animal lovers from various social media outlets. So far it has received more than 184,000 views and 30,000 likes.


one user name Rockythedutchfrenchie Comment that “I didn’t cry, you cried (me too)” and Racquel Harrington said: “This makes my heart so happy.” deserved”

Sophia wrote: “He didn’t even have to look to know the set was beautiful” and K4tylma0 said: “I hope this is like doggy paradise.”

Another user, Chloe Harding, commented, “He’s so happy, oh my god.” And Isaiah said: “He said, wait a minute, I’m running for a minute, let me slow down.” Sanna added: “The cutest thing! Ruuuuun, like you’ve always wanted to feel!”

Newsweek Contact Henryandpenny To comment via TikTok chat, we were unable to verify the details of the case.

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