Nearly euthanized blood donor ‘hero’ dog at Texas Animal Shelter is rescued by nonprofit


Almost euthanized Texas animal shelter blood donor dog is rescued

Let love live / Facebook

A dog named Stanford was to be euthanized in Texas until a non-profit organization stepped in to save him.

Local media outlet WFAA shared a video of the dog on its site before the rescue in a bid to please animal lovers – and it worked.

According to WFFA’s interview with the Texas shelter, the information station was moved to assist the 2-year-old Rhodesian Ridgeback “friend,” destined for euthanasia at the Smith County Animal Shelter, in because of the puppy’s “hero dog” status.

“He’s a hero dog. He donated blood to the emergency animal clinic to save another dog’s life,” Smith County Animal Shelter Supervisor Amber Green told The Point. sale of the trained and vaccinated dog.

“I don’t understand why he’s still here,” Green added, noting that the open-home shelter is constantly getting new dogs in need of care, and “the only way they get out is either to be adopted, transferred or they must be euthanized.”

The longest shelter dogs are euthanized to make room for new incoming animals.

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“It’s nothing any of us want to do, we’d rather get them to a home or a rescue,” Green added.

Let Love Live, an animal rescue service in northeast Texas, rescued Stanford and three other dogs from the Smith County Animal Shelter’s euthanasia list, according to the rescue’s Facebook page without an update. dead.

Almost euthanized Texas animal shelter blood donor dog is rescued

Almost euthanized Texas animal shelter blood donor dog is rescued

Let love live / Facebook


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Stanford is settling into its new surroundings, according to Let Love Live.

“Stanford is doing great. He loves being somewhere safe where he can spend his days with all his new playmates here at Let Love Live Rescue,” the charity shared in a statement obtained by PEOPLE.

Media coverage around the Stanford situation has led to more good news for the dog: potential adopters.

“He doesn’t let any of his new celebrities get to his head and asks, while he has dozens of inquiries and seven7 local adoption requests, that all the wonderful people who are interested in him also adopt his friends,” Let Love Live added.

Those interested in helping Stanford and friends find homes are encouraged to visit the Let Love Live website to learn more about pets available for adoption.

The organization, based in Cookville, Texas, shared a mission statement on its website, expressing its dedication to animal rescue.

“Let Love Live’s mission is to provide sanctuary for all animals in need,” the rescue wrote. “We are located on an abundant 200 acres in Titus County, East Texas, where rescued horses, cattle and pets can feel safe while finding long-term homes through to adoption and placement programs.”

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“LLL works directly with local animal shelters and rescue organizations with the goal of keeping East Texas from killing,” the site added. “LLL is also a permanent home for the elderly and special needs animals that needed to be destroyed.”

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