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! Murcia today – La Manga Club property prices could rise with the arrival of the new Grand Hyatt Hotel


Date published: 25/01/2023

The arrival of the new luxury hotel is good news for buyers and sellers alike, say local real estate experts

When luxury brands like Four Seasons, Marriott, Hyatt and Accor are present in an area, they say, it tends to increase the value of residential properties in the area, and that can lead to price increases per unit. square meters of around 20% above their original value according to an estimate made by Arum Group, parent company of La Manga Club Properties.

La Manga Club and Resort is a residential and tourist destination located in the Murcia region of south-eastern Spain, home to an estimated 2,300 property owners, the majority of whom are British.

Darren Brown, General Manager of Micasamo Realty, which is based at the Resort, says: “We are delighted to welcome the news of Grand Hyatt’s presence at our already incredible resort here in South East Spain. La Manga Club has always been a prestigious resort, so it is not only very reassuring but also very exciting to have the stamp that the Grand Hyatt gives us.”

Recent economic difficulties have taken their toll globally, and Darren admits La Manga Club was not immune to this, but he has indicated that for the resort at least, the worst appears to be behind us.

“As we see the resurgence of our home and holiday destination to many thousands of tourists each year, it is important to recognize and pay thanks to all the established and existing businesses at La Manga Club who continued to provide all the facilities that residents demanded. , other homeowners and vacationers who kept coming through the more difficult times of late,” he says. “Their hard work and ‘no-stop’ attitude has certainly been part of Grand Hyatt’s overall decision .”

Grand Hyatt La Manga Club and Resort luxury hotel

La Manga Club property prices may increase with the arrival of the new Grand Hyatt hotel

The Grand Hyatt Hotel La Manga Club and Resort will be situated on 560 hectares of lushly landscaped grounds and the hotel’s exceptional facilities will include three championship-level 18-hole golf courses, extensive outdoor tennis facilities and the La Manga Club Football Centre, currently home to Cartagena FC . The hotel will also have a spa area, two new adult-only pools and numerous dining, wellness and leisure facilities.

The hotel is expected to be open from the second half of 2023, when the renovation of the old Príncipe Felipe hotel is completed, and the accompanying recovery in property purchases and prices as well as tourist rentals could see targets for the first and second quarters of this year also moderately exceeded thanks to investors who are ahead of the curve and who are looking for good buying opportunities before prices rise.

“It’s a real coup for us here at La Manga Club,” says Darren. “As far as local house prices are concerned, this is hugely positive news for both buyers and sellers. Demand is relatively strong right now, and with the news of the Grand Hyatt coming out, interest is heating up.”

Opportunities to buy and sell property at La Manga Club

He emphasizes that it is possible for sellers to take advantage of stronger demand in the market, but notes that it is important not to push prices and instead take advantage of the opportunity to get buyers in the door while resisting the temptation to try to capitalize on this phase as “prices don’t rise overnight”.

“We are saying to sellers, we will use the positive news to drive demand in what has been a slow market in recent years, get involved now and we will ensure that our international marketing strategy gets your property the attention it needs it needs to make a successful sale.”

Of course, it is not only those who sell at the Resort who can get a good deal.

“Finally, we say to potential buyers that this place is just incredible even without the Grand Hyatt, but with it the dreams of their inclusion will soon come true and with this La Manga Club Resort will once again be the jewel in the crown of Europe’s Golf & Leisure Resorts. If you are selling property at the resort or thinking of buying, we encourage you to contact us now and let us help you explore the amazing La Manga Club Resort. You are in very good hands,” concludes Darren.

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