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Mrs Hinch fans rave about ‘trick’ to dry wet laundry with fitted sheet that dries in ‘half the time’


It can take longer to get your clothes dry in the winter than you often have — but one woman has a great trick to speed up the process with just a sheet.

Many Britons have struggled with rising energy bills and the cost of living in recent months.


You can speed things up by using a sheetCredit: Getty
Wrapping the sheet around a drying rack and attaching it to a radiator will help clothes dry faster


Wrapping the sheet around a drying rack and attaching it to a radiator will help clothes dry fasterCredit: Getty

One chore that can contribute to higher costs is drying your clothes after a piece of cake in the washing machine.

Fortunately, a smart cleaner has a great trick to help your laundry dry even faster if you can’t rely on a tumble dryer.

A fan of Mrs. Hinch, real name Sophie Hinchliffe, has provided a solution to keep costs down and dry your clothes in a fraction of the time.

In the Mrs Hinch Cleaning Tips group on Facebook, a woman shared her hack that uses a sheet to speed things up.

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She wrote: “I’ve always been told that if the ground is dry, whatever the season, your clothes will dry too, it just takes a little longer.

“A little trick I’ve learned when winter comes is to grab your drying rack and an extra sheet and wrap it around the drying rack.

“Attach it to the radiator or a heated fan and it retains heat and dries clothes faster.”

The hack works because the sheet helps trap a warm air pocket under the sheet.

This means that clothes dry much faster because the heat stays where it needs to be.


For extra help, you can place a dehumidifier near the drying rack to suck up all the added moisture in the air.

The sheet idea is perfect for people who want to save money on their energy consumption, especially in winter.

The Facebook group has more than 190,000 members, many of them mothers, who share tips and tricks for the home and beyond.

Recently, another expert revealed how to get clothes bone dry without using an expensive tumble dryer – while saving a whopping £45 a month.

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Now that the energy bill is rising and the handy dryer is not an option for everyone, an expert has listed the advantages of an alternative: a dehumidifier.

Dehumidifiers are electronic devices that, as the name suggests, suck moisture from the indoor air.

Speaking to The Express, Chris Michael, Managing Director at Meaco, explained that not only can dehumidifiers produce the exact same – if not better – results for your laundry, but they will also save you a lot of money in the long run.

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“Drying damp laundry indoors with a dehumidifier instead of a tumble dryer has several advantages.

“Perhaps the most obvious advantage is the lower cost. A dehumidifier can cost as little as 8p per hour compared to a tumble dryer which can cost more than £2 per cycle,” he said.