More homes approved for city’s 2nd Patio development | News

At its regular meeting on 10 November, the Galt Planning Commission approved the increase in the number of houses in a planned development between Simmerhorn and Boessow roads.

Developer Elliott Homes proposed placing 32 additional lots on the Veranda in the Simmerhorn Ranch subdivision, resulting in a total of 193 single-family homes.

The 21-acre site was to be the second Patio development area Elliott built in Galt. The Veranda on the River Oaks at the northeast corner of Carillion and Walnut boulevards consisted of 60 homes; A representative of the home builder said that all these homes have been sold.

Elliott project development coordinator Martti Eckert said the Simmerhorn project will be Elliott’s seventh Veranda project overall; Five have been built in the area and a sixth is in the planning stages.

“We try to improve it with each iteration of the Veranda,” Eckert said, adding that the Simmerhorn version has more guest parking than previous models, in addition to two-car garages. “We think this will provide a lot of flexibility for future buyers.”

Additionally, the development will feature farmhouse style architecture rather than Mediterranean styles; Community Development Director Craig Hoffman felt the change would help the lower section better fit Galt’s historic architectural landscape.

“We’ve had a lot of success with this project across the region,” Eckert said. “Of course, it has been well received here in Galt and we think building more Verandas will be an important component in helping you meet your housing needs.”

“It looks like Galt,” commented Commissioner Dan Gerling, and commissioners praised the new architectural style.

Commission President Dan Denier noted that Elliott will expand Carillion as part of the project to connect Simmerhorn to Boessow; He expressed concern that the two-lane southern section of Carillion could handle traffic from development and creating a new link between east and west Galt. Hoffman said the city’s traffic forecasts do not support widening the road.

The five commissioners voted unanimously to allow changes in the development.

In other works, the commission also approved a conditional use permit for a freight yard and truck terminal at 0 Live Oak Ave. The project is similar to the one on the same street that the commission signed on last month.

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