Monsoon Weddings: 5 Things to Keep in Mind Before Planning Your Ceremony

Does the monsoon wedding sound romantic to you? Well, who can’t get excited about saying “yes” under fluffy clouds surrounded by lush greenery and delicate flowers? While the notion of a monsoon wedding seems completely dreamy in your bubble thoughts, if we cut to reality it can be a little messy with the humidity and water splashing around your decor, makeup and your clothes. Nevertheless, you can go ahead with this fun idea to officiate your love with good planning to call for a smooth and hassle-free affair. If you’ve decided to have a monsoon wedding, here are the 5 most essential things to keep in mind when planning!

1. Opt for an offbeat indoor venue

When planning a monsoon wedding, you might be fascinated by open venues due to the cool wind blowing, beautiful lawns and naturally decorated pools, but no one knows when the rain starts to fall. Sudden downpours are not a good idea when you’re all dressed in heavy clothing and jewelry. Therefore, opting for enclosed venues that have large glass windows or walls with panoramic views of the outdoors will recreate the feeling of a fairytale wedding like nothing else. .

2. Go for fakes

While the beauty of fresh flora is timeless, they can wilt easily in monsoon weather and can disrupt your D-Day decor. Make sure to always opt for fake flowers and plants if you are planning your wedding for the rainy season so to avoid any adherence inside the place. Also, too many natural flowers can make the enclosed space claustrophobic while attracting small bugs and critters that come out in such weather, wreaking havoc and sanitizing food. Besides fake flowers, you can also innovate with origami, curtains, lights and candles.

Go for the fakes

3. Be playful

Gray skies with very dull natural light can punch up your decor and to set the tone and mood in a playful mood, you can brighten up your decor with brightly colored items or artifacts that go with the theme of a monsoon wedding. Small multicolored upside-down umbrellas above the ceiling are a fantastic idea to bring excitement to your surroundings. Paper boat hangings as well as yellow lights also look cool.

4. Choose a menu adapted to the monsoon

Coffee, tea, and donuts seem like a delicious combination during the monsoon, but say a big no to fruit or vegetable salads, seafood platters, or too many non-vegetarian dishes or any food that requires preparation. -chopped off. Since the monsoon brings a variety of food allergies, be sure to check foods several times before and while they are served. You can also add a variety of hot desserts to your menu to keep your guests warm.

5. Give the monsoon a makeover

Be sure to keep the vibe of your wedding theme a little playful and cover the nooks and crannies with elements that complement the rainy season well. Artificial peacocks, umbrellas, vibrant ribbons and faux raindrops will make the theme endearing and memorable. Plus, turn up your lighting during this season to get these bright Pinterest-inspired images.

Give the monsoon a makeover

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