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Pictured are co-owners of Makers on Main Street, from left, Megan Klevorn, Mary Meyer, Tiffany Lundholm and Jessica Kennedy. The store’s grand opening is June 17 at 115 W. Gundlach Street in Columbia.

Makers on Main Street, or MOMS for short, is poised to be a one-stop shop in Columbia for a wide variety of custom and DIY clothing, accessories, crafts, decor, and more.

Entrepreneurs also have an eye for a unique experience and shopping destination in the area.

The festive opening of the company in the old distillery building at 115 W. Gundlachstraat is on 17 June.

The biggest draw for customers is the on-site DIY options and customizable merchandise.

Another draw for shoppers will be the family-friendly atmosphere – a tenet enshrined in the creation of the Makers on Main Street model.

As described on the company’s Facebook page, “It’s no coincidence that Makers on Main Street is also short for MOMS. We knew it had to be when the name we chose also stood for a huge hat that we all play every day.”

Megan Klevorn, owner of My Charming Door and one of the four main partners involved in MOMS, said each of the women involved is the mother of at least two children.

“We know what it’s like to go to a store with kids,” said Klevorn, explaining that a deliberate effort has been made to involve kids in the store’s ethos rather than simply having a space where the little ones can gather. can come while the parents are shopping.

Initially, MOMS will provide a space for kids to interact with the DIY and craft world — such as the opportunity to create with homemade Play-Doh offered by one of the company’s many collaborating suppliers.

Klevorn said that as the store evolves, a goal of the owners will be to “engage children in arts and crafts” and to showcase the work of young local artists and craftsmen from local schools in the store and potentially make the store an opportunity. outlet for the next generation to become aware of community service through artistic creation.

She also envisions that the company will eventually host “mommy and me” craft and DIY camps during school holidays over the coming summers.

Klevorn noted that the ideas are still in progress as she and the other owners gain insight into their customer base once MOMS is up and running.

In fact, the idea of ​​Makers on Main Street itself is only a few months old, but the owners describe it as a function of ‘right place, right time’.

Klevorn explained that since she and the other three owners met for coffee in April, the partnership has quickly developed into a force that has attracted artisans from across the region.

It is difficult to define the company precisely because of the variety of contributions that the four primary owners of MOMS and more than 30 other recommended suppliers have to offer.

Klevorn described the four key companies and gave a glimpse of what the community can expect after the grand opening.

Klevorn specializes in home decoration such as wreaths and door signs. Columbia got to experience My Charming Door’s offerings in late 2020 during its time at the Pop-Up Shop on Gall Road near Route 3.

Mary Meyer, who operates My Crafting Attic, personalizes engraved gifts and home decor.

Tiffany Lundholm of Basic Bleach specializes in bleaching and tie-dye techniques to create unique garments.

Jessica Kennedy has brought her Mommy’s Design Farm store from Florissant, Mo., to Columbia. She offers a custom do-it-yourself approach through expertise and the use of her own laser woodcarver.

In addition to the core business at MOMS, other suppliers will offer a variety of other offerings such as acrylic work, embroidery and even ironwork, with demonstrations and hands-on experiences becoming available as the business grows.

The owners of Makers on Main Street are confident that their distinctive offerings and family-oriented approach will have something to appreciate for everyone in the area.

Visit the Makers on Main Street Facebook page or for more information. Klevorn also said the individual corporate social media accounts will be a prime example of what the collaborative MOMS are bringing to Columbia.

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