Mom Shares Easy Lemon And Water Cleaning Hack To Get The Oven Spotless

Game changer (Photo: TikTok/washy_wash)

A blogger shared an easy oven cleaning hack that is all natural and requires only two ingredients.

Sharing tips for life at home under the username washy_wash, the poster uses only lemons, a bowl of water and a cloth to easily do one of the most hated kitchen jobs.

With popular TikTok audio from another user prompting others to share life hacks that have become “a subconscious standard practice” in their lives, the mom shows a clip of herself putting a sliced ​​lemon in an ovenproof bowl.

She then adds water and puts the brew in the oven, which has been preheated to 200°C.

She closes the door and, as she clarifies in the comments, leaves it there for between 20 and 30 minutes.

After it’s done, she takes her cloth, dips it in the bowl and easily wipes the oven clean while it’s still hot enough for the cloth to steam when it touches the surface.

And voilà – her oven was spotless.

Be careful not to burn yourself trying it at home – it’s best to use a cloth that you know won’t melt and heat resistant gloves to protect your hands.

Lemon oven cleaning hack

Only two ingredients are enough (Picture: TikTok/washy_wash)

Lemon oven cleaning hack

And that’s all it takes (Picture: TikTok/washy_wash)

She also pointed out that this trick can also work with microwaves, with the acidic steam helping to break down fat.

Some users have commented that Gloucester’s mom’s oven wasn’t dirty enough to be impressed by the video.

However, one cleaning fan wrote: ‘I tried this and can say it works so well that my oven was also dirtier than this.’

While we can’t promise it will make every oven in the world spotless no matter how dirty it is, the results here are certainly impressive as there are no harsh chemicals involved.

Judging by the post’s 716,000 likes, it looks like we’re not the only ones planning to give this a try.

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