Modern gadgets, technology help J&K Police to target terrorists and criminals

Srinagar, Nov 17 (IANS): Police in the Himalayan region has become efficient as the many steps taken by the government to equip the Jammu and Kashmir police with modern gadgets and technology have cornered terrorists and criminals.

During the past three years, J&K Police has incorporated futuristic technologies such as artificial intelligence, drones, robotics, etc. to increase its capability and ability to hit the Pakistan sponsored terrorists hard.

The use of modern equipment and technology has helped the police to stay two steps ahead of terrorists, criminals, smugglers and villains.

The J&K police officers use technology tools for crime prevention and investigation, including predictive policing, big data analytics and also mobile forensics.

The J&K Police is all set to incorporate GIS map system, data security, learning management system, integrated traffic management system, latest communication system, etc. in the coming days.

J&K Police gets starring role

After August 5, 2019, when the Center announced its decision to revoke J&K’s special status and split it into two Union territories, the government has focused on giving J&K Police a leadership role in the fight against Pakistan-sponsored terrorism.

The J&K Police has emerged as the most formidable force in the country as it has fought Pakistan-sponsored terrorism for the past 32 years.

J&K police personnel have faced multiple challenges on several fronts over the past three decades.

Despite difficult situations, the J&K Police along with other security forces have made great efforts to eradicate the scourge of terrorism from the former princely state.

The police perform multifarious duties including counter-terrorism operations, police bandobast, investigations, in addition to providing various services to common people.

In addition to all these duties, J&K Police has played a parental role in guiding the misguided youths and channeling their energy in a positive direction.

J&K Police carries out many activities under the citizen action program in addition to running drug addiction centers to increase the social quotient.

In 30 years, JKP lost 1,600 brave hearts

Over the past three decades, J&K Police has eliminated hundreds of terrorists. The force has lost more than 1,600 personnel in 30 years of fighting terrorism.

Pakistan-backed narco-terrorism is the latest challenge. The J&K Police Department is taking all possible measures to demolish the ecosystem of this narco-terrorism and has largely succeeded.

Over the past few years, J&K Police has been proactively introducing the latest technology to meet a variety of challenges and the move has paid off.

In October this year, the J&K government had set up a 6-member competent committee at Union territory level headed by the Finance Commissioner of Home Affairs to “deliberate on the modernization plan of the Jammu and Kashmir Police in under the scheme for assistance to states or UTs and approve it for submission to the Ministry of the Interior (MHA).

In September, the MHA’s powerful committee had discussed the modernization plan of the Jammu and Kashmir Police with the main focus on the purchase of advanced weapons worth Rs 248 crore with the top officials of the concerned departments of J&K including the Home Affairs departments and Finance.

Purchase of modern equipment

During the past two years, the Jammu and Kashmir Police Department has acquired modern equipment to identify and disperse the explosives, including Improvised Explosives Devices (IEDs). The force has also procured body armor for its personnel to minimize the risk to their lives during counter-terrorism operations.

Total Containment Vessel, also known as ‘truck bomb’, has been added to their arsenal by J&K police to disperse bombs and IEDs, which claimed the lives of dozens of security personnel after a Pakistan-sponsored uprising broke out in the Himalayan region in 1990 .

The J&K Police Department has also purchased Remote Operating Vehicles (RoVs) and Unarmed Aerial Vehicles (UAVs) which have provided a major boost to aerial surveillance of Union territory.

Under the Ministry of Interior approved police modernization program, the J&K Police has been equipped with the required mobility, modern technology, weapons, communication equipment, etc. for the past three years.

Decrease in violence

After the removal of Article 370, a temporary provision in the Constitution, three years ago, there has been a steady decrease in violence and killings of civilians in J&K.

According to data released by J&K Police in August this year, 3,686 incidents of public disturbance took place in Kashmir between August 5, 2016 and August 4, 2019, which also killed six security personnel.

In the following three years after the repeal of Article 370, 438 public order incidents were reported in Kashmir during the same time and not a single security personnel was killed in a public order situation.

Police data showed that from August 2016 to 2019, about 930 terror incidents were reported in Kashmir, which dropped to 617 in the next three years. During the same period, the number of security forces killed in militant attacks was 290, which amounted to 174. .

From 2016 to 2019, 191 civilians were killed in terrorism-related incidents in Kashmir, which amounted to 110 over the next three years.

In three years, Kashmir has not seen a single day of closure as the separatists, who acted as Pakistan’s henchmen, have been cut to size and taken their proper place.

Stone-throwing incidents and large gatherings at terrorist funerals are a thing of the past.

Central role

J&K Police has played a pivotal role in breaking terrorism in Kashmir as its personnel used all the resources placed at their disposal to end the proxy war launched by Pakistan three decades ago.

J&K police officers have worked closely with the Central Forces deployed in Union territory. They have played a vital role in sending a message to Pakistan and the country-sponsored terrorists that they will never succeed in their nefarious plans in the former princely state.

Following J&K’s transition to a Union Territory, the Center handled matters head-on and paid special attention to turning J&K Police into one of the most efficient forces in the country.

The J&K police officers have worked hard to learn new techniques and incorporate technology into policing. Their hard work has paid off as terrorism in the Union Territory is on its last legs and peace in J&K has become a permanent feature.

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