Mix don’t match: historic house combines old and new styles

Renovating and building a dignified addition to a characterful Victorian home was a big responsibility, especially as it was the childhood home of one of the owners and had been in the family for years. They needn’t have worried though, the house in Fayette County in Kentucky is now one of the the world’s best housesand the careful additions and reworks of the interior have only added to the original charm.

The owners may have had their own sentimental reasons for doing their best for the house, but they decided to enlist expert help to ensure they struck just the right balance between updating and preserving the many original features of the house. House. They contacted nearby interior designer Isabel Ladd. from Lexington (opens in new tab) to advise them on the right approach to renovation. Working with architects Gibson Taylor Thompson and builders Fox Hill, Isabel came up with some stunning interior schemes for the entire house, embracing the very best of the old and new parts of the property.

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