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Millennials Are Finally Buying Homes… And Making Homes Ugly


Person on construction equipment lifts drywall

Construction Photography/Avalon via Getty Images

There is a war raging around us and the battlefield is the recently renovated houses. On one side are excited young homeowners who are eager to turn their handyman into their dream home. On the other hand, pretty much everyone else is outraged and horrified to see that the original hardwood has been replaced with slate-coloured vinyl flooring, or old bathroom fixtures that have been dismantled and modernized to a vision of chrome and off-white marble.

TikTok is full of people posting their before and after refreshes, and unless the house literally scatters in the “before” section, every video is greeted with an inevitable stream of comments about how good it used to look.

For the record, I agree with the haters – converting US homes to HGTV is ugly as hell. These remodels remove the quirks of a house built decades ago, replacing warm wood tones, funky wallpapers and brick exteriors with nouveau-McMansion chic: beige and gray tones, brushed silver fixtures, a “clean”, monotonous look. Plus, anyone who remodels their bathroom adds the style of the toilet where you have to press a button on the top to flush it, and I do just that. be disgusted. Combine that with the fact that new consumer goods, including housing materials, are often noticeably lower quality these days, and you have a recipe for schadenfreude. Not only is it gross, but it will get old like a nice can of milk!


The renovation response demonstrates more than a universal passion for interior design. Just under half (48.6 percent) of millennials own a home in the US, and I couldn’t even find information on Gen Z home ownership, so it feels safe to say that many people who rat on renovation content don’t actually own homes at all. a refresh themselves, including myself. On a personal level, watching someone my age renovate a house makes me feel envious. When the remodel sucks, that jealousy turns into smug rage – not enough for me to go into oblivion for putting a woman in a wine cellar under her stairs, but enough for me to watch three to five TikTok tell her. she fucked

In advocating for these renewals though, it’s clear that we know less about the property transformations we’ve seen on TikTok than the people who posted them. Maybe that cute shell sink was clogged every day; maybe mold caused the wallpaper to smell like old socks! And you know, the choice to go with cookie-cutter interior design can come from the same place that kept us from living in these old houses we’re crazy about: Money is tight. Mass production is inexpensive. Do I think I could have done better on the budget if I had the chance? Absolutely. But how would I learn?

Mortgage rates are on the rise and inflation is looming, meaning that the odds of owning a home for anyone my age (without the six-digit dose of Mom and Dad) are increasingly less likely for the foreseeable future. Until things change about this, I guess we’ll all have to settle for being mean about other people’s homes instead.