Mendix Selects Three Nonprofits for Upcoming Global ‘Low-Code for Good’ Hackathon

  • Mendix has selected New Hope Community Services (APAC), Project Alianza (America) and the Welcome App Foundation (EMEA) for the upcoming global MxHacks 2022 hackathon
  • MxHacks 2022 takes place on September 23 – 24 at four international locations and remotely
  • Teams from around the world will build digital solutions that promote good causes

BOSTON, September 7, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — Mendixa Siemens company and world leader in the development of modern business applications, has announced the designated nonprofits that will participate in the upcoming ‘MxHacks 2022: Low-Code for Good,’ one of the largest low-code hackathons in the world.

Mendix’s first-ever global hackathon has already generated more than 800 applications from 45 countries. The event will take place in four locations on three continents: Boston, London, Rotterdamand Singapore, but also remotely from anywhere in the world, to build solutions to improve lives, fight for justice or promote other charities. MxHacks 2022 invites developers to work on a challenge for New hope of community services (APAC); Project Alinza (America); and the Welcome App (EMEA).

Nonprofits support social justice efforts around the world

Mendix selected the organizations for its MxHacks challenge based on a range of criteria, including mission and vision and the role low-code technology plays in supporting the organization’s future growth. By selecting real-life use cases from non-profit organizations for the hackathon, Mendix aims to create a platform and community that is accessible to everyone. The hackathon is a means through which Mendix seeks to give the world’s most vulnerable people access to education, integration in a new country, and shelter and a chance to rebuild their lives. This underpins Mendix’s core values ​​of empowering a wide range of citizen developers, regardless of background, to innovate through low-code.

New Hope Community Services (New Hope CS) is a growing organization committed to meeting the needs of Singapore’s rough sleepers and homeless community. Their core services focus on providing shelter, mentorship and employment support for the displaced and underprivileged. New Hope CS currently has four shelters across Singapore serving individuals, families and male ex-offenders, and recently began managing 50 flats under the new HDB Joint Singles Scheme (Operator Run) Project.

“At New Hope CS, we strongly believe that everyone should have access to four fundamental needs: shelter, food, health and clothing. As our society Singapore evolving, it is more important than ever that we support the homeless community. We believe that this is a series of programs that not only help people find a place to stay when they need it most, but also find a way to reintegrate into society so they can build a positive future for themselves. We look forward to working with Mendix and the low-code community at MxHacks to create new services that will support our mission to restore hope to those we serve,” said Pastor Andrew KhooCEO and founder of New Hope CS.

Project Alinza aims to bridge the learning gap for school-age children in rural areas in Central America by leveraging technology and existing community networks. The organization aims to support underprivileged communities and women and empower them to take control of their education so that they can reach their full potential.

“Our primary focus is to improve literacy and health behaviors through an offline and online system that promotes healthy hygiene practices and supports the learning and education process for all,” said Kristin Van Busum, CEO and founder of Project Alianza. “We strive to positively impact the lives of others by providing value-added education: learning opportunities and connectivity for rural people who have limited access to the internet and resources. We believe technology is critical to leveling the playing field for people living in the most rural parts of Central America. By partnering with Mendix and its low-code community of developers, we can make education more accessible to children who need it most.”

The welcome app provides a one-stop shop for people rebuilding their lives in a new country. By linking newcomers to service providers, companies, municipalities and local individuals, it facilitates social integration in a scalable way. This app allows newcomers to create a social network, learn the local language and find work and leisure to create a life similar to the one they had before. The platform is designed for refugees and asylum seekers and aims to simplify integration in a new society, so that people feel at home everywhere.

Julius Wisefounder and director of Welcome App, said: “Over the past few years we have learned a lot about the challenges people face in building a new life and sustainable integration in a new society. That is why we want to enable meaningful connections by providing an accessible overview of organizations, networks, information, online and offline activities, a helpdesk where newcomers can ask questions and a chat function that encourages 1:1 contact between newcomers and locals.By partnering with Mendix and the low-code community, we believe we can improve the quality of our services and expand the range of services we offer to newcomers in The Netherlands and other places in Europe so they can all feel welcome.”

“We have been humbled by the organizations that have contacted us to participate in MxHacks,” says Mendix CEO Tim Srock. “We always knew that low-code could be a positive force, and working with organizations that make such a positive impact like New Hope Community Services, Project Alianza and the Welcome App is a great opportunity for Mendix and the low-code community to make a positive impact for those most in need of support.The starting point of our Low-Code For Good program, MxHacks, is an excellent opportunity for developers to share their passion for creating, learning and letting see how low-code can help everyone to use technology to improve their lives.”

In addition to the challenges developers must solve for New Hope Community Services, Project Alianza and the Welcome App, participants in MxHacks can meet like-minded individuals around the world and grow their networks by participating in workshops hosted by experts, who provide training follow and collaborate with the many coaches patrolling the hackathon. Participants also have access to career opportunities during meet-and-greet sessions with companies looking to hire developers and grow their teams.

Access to MxHacks is free and can be done with teams of up to four people. Solo developers can participate independently or join a matchmaking session to collaborate prior to the event. Hybrid teams are also eligible, with some members going onsite while others dialing in remotely.

Mendix has a community of 250,000 low-code developers, who use their platform to come up with solutions to complex problems. Developer-led apps include a compliance claim tracker to an ESG app platform, AI smart banking or modeling anywhere.

Developers can register for the hackathon at the MxHacks page and are encouraged to join the Mendix Community Slack and look at the #announcements and #mxhacks-general channels.

For more information about the hackathon, visit: MxHacks 2022.

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