Melania Trump’s Stylist Hervé Pierre Says $60,000 Trump PAC Payment Wasn’t Fashion Related

Hervé Pierre, Melania Trump’s former stylist, covered a recent report that he was awarded $60,000 from the Save America PAC in four installments for “strategy advice,” ambiguous work he confirmed had nothing to do with his official fashion duties. according to WWD.

Pierre said the $60,000 had nothing to do with any work he did during Trump’s tenure. He also said the money was not tied to his work in fashion.

Pierre occasionally consults with the former first lady about her fashion choices, WWD reported. But that accounted for only 5 percent of his work for her, he said.

“As with any other first lady, there is a life after the White House, which involves many aspects other than fashion. I am fortunate to have worked in prestigious houses, to have designed [costumes] for ballets and more recently to work in home decor. There are many upcoming projects in this post-White House [stage.]”

Pierre added: “It’s a great honor for me and it’s very creative to give my opinion on some of these projects.” He declined to comment on whether a presidential library was one of those projects.

Pierre said home decor was now “his other job” and added: “In general, it’s not so much about fashion anymore, like me [have] our studio closed.”

In a statement to WWDMelania Trump’s office said: “Mr. Pierre is a world famous artist. His work spans many different areas, not just fashion design. His expertise is used for special projects and events.”

During the Trump presidency, there were several instances where Melania Trump’s outfit choices made headlines around the world.

In general, Mrs. Trump chose slick, chic European and American designers who gave her a touch of chilly sophistication, but her most infamous look by far is the “I Really Don’t Care, Do U?” Zara jacket she wore while visiting the New Hope Children’s Shelter in McAllen, Texas in 2018.

As noted by WWDthe FEC “does not allow candidate committees, which are established to raise money for a specific candidate, to spend money on personal items, including clothing.”

While Mrs. Trump prefers designers like Dior and Calvin Klein, the former president is a fan of Brooks Brothers and Brioni suits; suits from the latter brand are priced from $5,000.

“The next stylist for the First Lady will jump into a situation that is — I don’t want to say James Bond-esque — but it’s very mysterious and secretive,” Pierre said. WWD last year.

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