MBTA biker accused of threatening people with his pet rat is arrested



Jerry the rat will remain in the care of Boston Animals until he can be reunited with his owner.

MBTA Transit police have arrested a “well-known” man for causing a disturbance on the T with his pet rat, the department confirmed Friday.

The 57-year-old Boston man was arrested at Oak Grove Station around 4 p.m. Thursday after threaten people with his rat, Jerry, wrote the transport police on Twitter. The man was also drinking alcohol, was disorderly and refused to leave, police said.


The Malden District Court Clerk’s Office confirmed he faces charges of disorderly conduct, trespassing and threatening to commit a felony. It was not immediately clear if the man had retained the services of a lawyer.

According to the rules and regulations of the MBTA racer, small animals must be kept in pet carriers on the T.

“It is not permitted to allow pets off leash, off carriers, and/or into vehicle seats,” the MBTA’s website states.

Boston Animal Care and Control has taken custody of Jerry, Transportation Police Superintendent Richard Sullivan told Sullivan did not respond to email questions about the man’s arrest and his history with PDT.

Boston Animal Control has confirmed that Jerry is being cared for at his shelter in Roslindale, where he will remain until he can be reunited with his owner. The ministry declined to comment on the rat’s condition.


The man and his rat already caused a stir when they were escorted off an MBTA bus in December. During that incident, other passengers felt unsafe and exited the bus after seeing the man with his rat sitting on his shoulder, transit police said at the time.

There is many other man-and-rat MBTA comments on social media – many on the orange line – although it’s unclear if all involve the same duo.

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