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Maruti is testing its crossover version of the Baleno. This is likely to be a premium crossover from India’s largest automaker. Whether it’s features, SUV styling, or its bold looks, Maruti is ready to bring another pseudo-SUV to its lineup. But do you know that it is also likely to offer good mileage? We’re all familiar with Maruti’s strong point in engine tuning, so there’s a good chance this Maruti Baleno Cross could pull off commendable mileage figures, too. How will Maruti do it?

Maruti Baleno crossover engine

The Maruti Baleno Cross is likely to get the Booster Jet petrol engine. This 1.0-litre turbo petrol mill was previously seen in the Baleno RS, which was essentially the performance-focused Baleno. Now, the reinforced Baleno is likely to absorb this powerful engine. This engine is used to produce 100bhp and 150Nm of torque in the RS, while the Cross could induce mild hybrid technology to increase fuel economy. A 5-speed manual gearbox option is likely to be offered and the chances of it getting an automatic are still on the fence.

Are the mileage figures impressive?

Maruti Baleno Cross

Although you’ll likely get a 1.0-liter turbo gasoline unit, Maruti can modify it to offer more mileage. Also, when you consider that if 3-cylinder gasoline engines are driven calmly, they tend to give impressive mileage figures. Also, we cannot forget that it is Maruti. This automaker is known for efficient engine tuning. You can not expect less from your new crossover, since it would be starting a very unique category.

Maruti Baleno Cross -What else to expect?

Maruti Baleno Cross

The Baleno Cross is seen testing several times in India. The spotted car has been heavily camouflaged due to minimal design details being shared. In general, Maruti has focused on injecting SUV characteristics such as body cladding, roof rails and a tapering roofline. In addition, we can see the Grand Vitara-inspired dual headlight setup and a large grille. If we talk about features, this new car is likely loaded with more features than the regular Baleno. So we can expect a longer list with features like a larger infotainment system, driving modes, ambient lighting, and more.

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