LOOK: Charlotte Hornets unveils new official version of the uniform

On Thursday afternoon, the Charlotte Hornets revealed their new uniform from the Manifesto for the 2022-23 season, which includes fourth-year winger Cody Martin.

Seth Bennett, chief marketing officer of Hornets Sports Entertainment, gave some background on the new look.

“The base of the outfit is purple, but we have much stronger touches of teal and white that we think bring this uniform design to life. The timeless representation of our signature colors of purple and blue is strong here and has influenced sports and cultural fashion for 35 years. I think this uniform continues to do so. .

“The process of designing this uniform took about two years. Members of our creative team and I here were involved in the Hornets group, the Jordan design group and Nike, as well as the NBA’s global marketing and merchandising group who provided guidance throughout this process as we worked through the various stages.”

The Manifesto Edition costume will be worn at home nine times this season and will be worn on the road seven times. The Hornets will wear this group in all of their eight home games on Saturday as well as the weekend’s final at home on Sunday, April 2. The uniform will debut on Saturday, October 29, when the Hornets host the Golden State Warriors.

Since 2019, the Manifesto Edition uniform has displayed the acronym “CHA” on the chest and that’s something he wasn’t impressed with. The Hornets heard the fans and made a change.

“I will not say [we felt] “It was pressured, but we certainly heard the comments,” Bennett said. We are always listening. I wouldn’t call it pressure but we always listen to our fans.”

In regards to the possibility of having the “CLT” acronym approved for uniforms in the future, this is something the Hornets have been working towards and have been doing for years.

“Certainly these are active discussions and I am not prepared to share more details at this particular point. Those were discussions we had already had several years ago and there were some concerns about intellectual property rights at the time that prevented us from being able to do that. We will monitor that because these situations It’s changing fast and we hope we’ll have some good news to share sooner rather than later with our fans.”

There is no exact date on when these shirts will be available for purchase, but they are expected to hit shelves within the next couple of months.

“I am pleased to inform you that we are getting shipments from Nike and I have every confidence that we will be getting this uniform as the holiday season approaches,” Bennett said. “I’m not ready for a date, but I generally think in November we’ll be able to sell here.”

The Hornets will release more exciting news later this afternoon. stay tuned

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