LMC receives new furniture – Experience

The University Complex no longer has empty corridors.

If you’ve been watching a class inside the University Complex building, you might have noticed a bunch of wrapped packages lying around the hallways. These packs are new benches and chairs that are now filling empty hallways for students who want an outdoor setting to have fun instead of just sitting around.

Ki Furniture is the company that supplied all the new tables and benches abroad. Director of Operations and Maintenance Michael Schenone said Los Medanos College has worked with them before and the District often uses their services for other locations. Ki Furniture employees arrived on Thursday, September 15th and 16th to assemble everything and were efficient at work.

The corridors of the University Complex building are no longer arid and are full of color. Carlos Montoya, Vice President of Business and Administrative Services, said this project was a long time coming.

“Planning for this project originally started last fall, but [because of] supply chain disruptions, it is being installed now,” said Montoya. “The project cost approximately $227,000.”

It’s an expensive investment, but an LMC is more than willing to do it for the good of its students and faculty. The University Complex building houses many classrooms and new furniture in the outdoor area has been requested for a long time so that people can have a space to work outdoors and still be protected from the weather. The new furniture also complements the Wi-Fi upgrades that took place last semester, which saw parking lot A receive a connectivity boost, allowing students to connect to the college’s Wi-Fi from there.

Despite all the new furniture, however, it appears to be just inside the University Complex building. Other sections of the LMC, such as the Math and Science buildings, are not receiving any updates this semester. Montoya said the reasoning behind this is due to factors LMC should consider before making another such investment, but that doesn’t mean these buildings will never see one.

“This project is for the University Complex only, but we continue to assess and assess student needs across the campus,” said Montoya.

It’s a nice update and the new furniture is already being put to good use. Considering the weather is starting to change from hot summer days to wetter, cooler days, it couldn’t have come at a better time.

While there are no plans for new projects in other buildings on campus, that doesn’t mean it won’t happen. As Montoya said, they are evaluating what kind of student needs are priorities and with the campus starting to become livelier, it’s only a matter of time before another project that benefits everyone on campus starts again.

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