Lively Root Review: Pet Friendly Plants

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    • high quality plants

    • variety of plants

    • Clear care instructions

I love a good houseplant, so when I heard about the Lively Root plant delivery service, I was eager to buy, especially since I had just moved to a bigger house and had some empty shelves ready.

However, I had just gotten a new cat, so I needed to make sure the houseplant additions were pet-friendly.

I browsed the Lively Root website and settled on the Medium Pet Friendly Urban Jungle Pack, a six-pack of cat- and dog-friendly plant species of varying sizes.

What is Lively Root?

Lively Root is an online plant store and delivery service with dozens of options, ranging from pet-friendly to best sellers to floor plants. Hanging plants, flowering and non-flowering plants, patio plants, subscriptions, packages, pots and plant gifts for weddings or housewarming are available for purchase.

Lively Root is comparable to The Sill and Bloomscape, both of which we have tested in the past.

You can order through the Lively Root website or sign up for a subscription to get regular deliveries.

Plant pack prices start at $130 and shipping takes about a week. Lively Root offers their 30-Day Happiness Guarantee, which means you can contact customer service within a month of your order date for a solution, should your plants arrive dead or damaged. In some cases, you may be able to get a refund.

How we tested the Lively Root plant delivery service

A variety of houseplants stacked on an outdoor table.

Credit: Revised / Liv Birdsall

Evaluate how much space you have for plants and your budget before subscribing to Lively Root.

The shipment took about a week to arrive in two separate deliveries on the same day. I got two 4-inch plants, two 6-inch plants, and two 10-inch plants (all measuring the diameter of the pot, not the height of the foliage).

Each plant includes a care card detailing the plant species, ideal growing conditions such as amount of light and water, and lists several helpful tips to help plants grow well.

The plants I ordered are all pet friendly:

  • Pachira braid money tree
  • neanthe beautiful palm
  • spider plant
  • areca palm
  • Japanese aralia, fatsia japonica
  • pygmy date palm

Each plant came with a plastic growing pot kept in a drawstring cloth bag to keep soil from getting everywhere, which I found handy for transportation. I have since reused the bags for travel and shopping.

However, the plant pack didn’t come with pots or soil for non-growers, so you’ll need to purchase those supplies separately.

What we like

The plants look and feel of high quality.

The plants arrived in excellent condition, safely boxed, covered with cotton bags and all with bright green leaves and healthy roots. The plants absorb water well after being delivered, showing that they have not been on the way for long or were neglected before being packed and shipped.

The care instructions are clear and easy to follow.

I placed the plants around my house according to the care cards, making sure each plant received the recommended amount of sunlight and water over the course of five weeks.

From what I can tell, the plants are doing very well. They continue to grow at a rapid rate and show no signs of rot or disease, although this can be attributed to good care and soil as well as the condition of the plants provided. The exceptions to this are the spider plant, which is a bit yellow (perhaps due to overwatering), and the larger palm, which is a bit scruffy on the lower leaves.

Pet Friendly Plant Packages Available

Fortunately, the plants I tried, including the areca palm, are not toxic to pets, because my sweet cat Rayla gave her a drastic haircut over the course of a few days.

The palm does better in a higher place away from my cat, but its growth is not as big as the other plants.

what we don’t like

Pots (not growers) are an additional purchase

I wish the package came with pots that weren’t plastic pots, especially since the price of these plants is higher for six medium sized plants.

I had my own extra pots around the house, but I still needed to buy several to accommodate the multiple sizes and make sure the water could drain well.

Other services like Bloomscape include sturdy pots in a variety of colors that are included with the cost of the plants.

It is not the cheapest way to buy plants.

My main stumbling block for this plant delivery service is the price. The plant package is around $350, which surely seems like it should include nicer pots and probably some extra soil. When I add up the price to buy the plants individually, it’s $75 more than the package.

You could have bought these same plants at a nursery or Lowe’s store for two-thirds the price. Lively Root is comparable to online plant stores like The Sill and Bloomscape, and of what is currently offered, it has the largest plant packs.

Should you try Lively Root?

No, the value is not worth it.

In general, Lively Root is too expensive for me to justify it. While the service is convenient, its price is too aggressive and it’s not fussy, but it lacks actual pots, which adds one more thing I need to buy.

Pet-friendly plants aren’t always easy to come by, so Lively Root has a variety of options on that front, and if you buy the plants individually, you can also get pots for them. If you want to fill your home with high-quality foliage at a low price, this is not the right service for you. However, there are certainly less expensive options that include more materials.

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Prices were accurate at the time of publication of this article, but may change over time.

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    • high quality plants

    • variety of plants

    • Clear care instructions

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