Little People’s Tori & Zach Roloff Became ‘A Total Mess’ For Leaving Brand New $1 Million Home After Fans Called The Property ‘Ugly’

LITTLE People, Big World stars Zach and Tori Roloff have been slammed by fans for a messy house.

The couple recently bought a $1 million home in Battle Ground, Washington, and fans are calling the property ugly.


Tori and Zach Roloff recently moved into a $1 million houseCredit: TLC
LPBW fans criticized the couple for having such a messy house


LPBW fans criticized the couple for having such a messy houseCredit: TLC

The latest episode of LPBW gave fans an inside look at Zach and Tori’s new home.

Amy Roloff and her husband, Chris Marek, decided to drive to the house to see it and the grandchildren.

When they stopped, there were bulldozers outside with piles of dirt, unfinished property outside, trees scattered and “no curb appeal,” Chris said.

Zach said they had been in the house for a little under two weeks and were still unpacking and moving things around.

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They took Amy and Chris on a tour of the house, starting with Lilah’s room.

Her room was cluttered, with toys all over the floor and things on her dresser.

The next room they went into was the master’s room, Zach and Tori.

The bed was unmade and clothes and various objects were piled on it.

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There was also a pile of clothes on the floor.

Everyone entered Jackson’s room, which he claimed to have “cleaned,” but there were still trash cans and everything around.

The family went outside, which was overgrown with trees and plants.

There was also an incomplete playset outside, which Zach and Jackson enthusiastically worked on.


After watching the new episode, fans rushed to Reddit to bash the family’s new home.

“Zach and Tori’s new home, hooray!” the original poster captioned the thread.

They went on to say: “They’ve never made great decisions to buy a house, but this new one seems to be their worst. The inside is beautiful and the idea of ​​having ‘land’ is great, but that area looks like a total dive.”

“Tori knew the inside would make for good Insta photos and Zach could pretend he was doing things in the backyard, but the surrounding houses and lots are heaps of rubble!”

They went on to say that Chris and Amy’s comments showed the property was “garbage”.

Other fans echoed their views on the new property.

“I think the plot is ugly, but I think there is potential. If they clean up the landscape and plant trees around the perimeter to block the adjacent plots,” said one fan.

Another Reddit user chimed in and said, “Whatever you do with the property, the value won’t increase.”

“They don’t make good choices for houses,” interrupted another fan.

“It’s a complete mess,” added a fourth.


Zach filmed his daughter, Lilah, walking on their property and wandering the backyard.

In the first Instagram Story, Lilah crossed a small wooden bridge over the calm water stream as her dog followed closely behind.

In the next clip, the little one continued her walk and walked over to her toys lying in the mud.

Lilah seemed to be having fun, as she was surrounded by trees and tall green grass.


On top of the “ugly” house, fans also criticized Tori for not watching Lilah while sitting on the counter in a recent episode.

The 31-year-old set her daughter on the counter and turned to get something out of the closet.

Lilah sat unattended on the kitchen counter, with balloons and decorations wrapped around her for her birthday.

Tori then had her back to the 2-year-old as she sat down to talk to her husband’s father, Matt.

She did turn once to check on her while she was eating, but then turned back.

Then Jackson awoke from his nap and Tori set him on the counter to get up with his bare feet, but very quickly took him back down.

Little People Big World fans on Reddit automatically slapped Tori for leaving her child unattended.

“That scene really made me uncomfortable too. The whole time I didn’t listen to a word they said lol. I’m not sure if it was just editing but it also looked like she was walking away and Lilah was there for a while I could never have done that with my kids,” wrote one fan.

“And she’s so tiny! That would be a big trap for any toddler, but especially for an LP baby,” said another.

“I felt your fear,” a third added.

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The reality TV stars moved into their Washington home in November 2021.

LPBW airs Tuesday at 8 p.m. on TLC.

Tori and Zach Roloff show their mom and her husband, their new house and Jackson's room


Tori and Zach Roloff show their mom and her husband, their new house and Jackson’s roomCredit: TLC
Outside Zach and Tori Roloff's house, heaps of dirt and bulldozers


Outside Zach and Tori Roloff’s house, heaps of dirt and bulldozersCredit: TLC
Tori Roloff's daughter, Lilah had toys in the room and clothes on the floor


Tori Roloff’s daughter, Lilah had toys in the room and clothes on the floorCredit: TLC

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