Letters to the editor (24 Sept 2022)

Sep 24, 2022 | 06:33 AM IST

Letters to the editor (24 Sept 2022)

Kudos to DEd

diploma holder

The ex-student P Redko, who sacrificed his precious time for the sake of the primary students of the Government Primary School in Valkini Sanguem, by teaching them for free in the absence of a qualified teacher, deserves credit for his noble gesture.

Such a noble gesture is commendable and should be recognized.

It will be appreciated if the authorities of the Ministry of Education honor this young energetic gentleman at some point.

Aureo Cunha Gomes, Corlim

Development of

Vasco Gardens

It is understood that both the urban gardens in the port city of Vasco will be developed by a business house as part of the CSR initiative. The gardens are centrally located on both sides of the Swatantra path and were in dire need of renovation. These gardens are very old and were created in 1939. They ostensibly could not be properly maintained by the government due to lack of resources.

The gardens had become places for antisocial activities. Both gardens are the only open spaces in the city for relaxation and relaxation for the adults and a play area for the children. The fountain in one of the gardens could be converted into a musical fountain which would be an added attraction.

There used to be music every day after five o’clock in the evening through the speakers in the children’s garden. This tradition needs to be restarted. In the children’s garden, regular entertainment programs should be held as in recent years.

Maintenance is an important part of any garden, a task that must be performed by professional gardeners. Both gardens could also be named after two prominent personalities of the port city who made an important contribution to the development of the city. Alternatively, the gardens may be named after eminent botanists or horticulturists of name.

Adelmo Fernandes, Vascoc

Measures to protect the police

Yet another recent suicide by a Goa police officer is troubling. It is no secret that the police, especially the police, work in very stressful and unacceptable conditions; very long working hours without proper rest.

These unacceptable working conditions are an issue that has been raised on several occasions before the Goa Human Rights Commission, which has repeatedly ruled that the police are human beings and should be treated as such. Despite these indications, no concrete measures have been taken to remedy the anomalous situation.

Despite the Supreme Court ruling that the work of the police must be completely shielded from political interference, it is well known that the political masters are in fact directly involved in the selection, promotion and transfer of the police, even the police. If true, it is distasteful that politicians have to pay huge sums, even for police seeking transfers. People expect the law’s executive and enforcement departments to adhere to the rule of law and show zero tolerance for corruption.

There is a need for an internal robust mechanism so that police grievances can be heard and resolved humanely, so that no more of their lives are lost. A healthy, contented and well-trained police force can go a long way in maintaining the much-needed law and order that has currently gone over the top. These dedicated officials who are sworn to protect public safety anytime, anywhere, need and deserve all the help they can get.

Aires Rodrigues, Ribandar

Non-performing employees

It is indeed good news to hear of the government’s efforts to overcome underperforming workers. Just as governments suffer from the ill effects of NPAs (Non-Performing Assets), governments suffer from NPEs. If jobs sell out, as is often claimed, it would negatively affect the quality of the selected employees.

The state government has started the secretariat by making notices to errant personnel. It can also be noted that the Secretariat had carried out a recruitment drive to various posts prior to the elections in Goa. Written exams were taken for this and the results were published on their website. However, the lists of candidates selected for the positions are yet to be published on their website after six to nine months.

Vinay Rodrigues, Margao

Fire safety standards

at workplaces

One of the biggest challenges India has long faced when it comes to the safety and well-being of its people is the appalling fire safety standards in workplaces, public buildings and homes. The fire tragedy that occurred very recently at a hotel in Telangana and the fire that broke out in May this year at a commercial building near the Mundka metro station in the suburbs of Delhi are strong reminders of how fire safety standards are being violated with impunity. by building owners. Buildings must be planned, designed and constructed to ensure that fire safety measures are implemented in strict accordance with the guidelines of the National Building Code of India which regulate construction activities across the country.

Although NBC mandates these measures, most multi-storey buildings continue to ignore and violate safety standards, often playing with human lives. Many buildings even lack basic fire safety systems, such as fire extinguishers. Also, there is no legal provision for regular checks on compliance with fire safety standards in multi-storey buildings.

To reduce fire accidents, the first safety audit across the country should be mandated and should be entrusted to external bodies, who have the expertise.

A comprehensive fire safety audit can address the inherent fire hazards associated with day-to-day activities in an occupation and recommend measures to reduce the potential fire accidents.

Ranganathan Sivakumar, Chennai

The joys of having

a daughter

National Daughters Day is celebrated on September 25 and it is a day to celebrate and cherish our daughters who bring so much love into our lives. While we don’t really need a reason to celebrate our kids, it’s nice to have the chance to give our daughters a little extra attention and show how much she loves them.

Daughters are often regarded as ‘Lakshmi’. The day signifies the importance of women in society and how girls are no less than boys in all spheres of life.

Daughters bring a certain kind of joy to our world. Like all children, they have their own personalities and strengths.

The joy of raising a daughter to a grown woman means a lot to parents, showing that a girl needs special treatment as the flower of the house.

Daughter’s Day is celebrated to honor our daughters and to appreciate all they do for the family. It is a special day to celebrate that girls have equal opportunities.

Jubel D’Cruz, Mumbai

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