Leslie Davis and Lyndsay Lamb’s advice for Austin homeowners

This weekend, August 12-14, the Austin Convention Center will be transformed into a hub for homeowners at the annual Austin Home & Garden Show. From inspiration for DIY projects to insider info on real estate and design, this is the place for anyone looking to upgrade their home. The highlight of the three-day event? A special presentation of Leslie Davis and Lyndsay Lamb, the twin stars of HGTV’s Unsellable Houses. Before they showed up, we talked to them about everything Austin owners need to know, from easy upgrades to sales tips.

Is there such a thing that a house is not redeemable? Or is there hope for every abode?

Honestly, there are houses that just have too much work to do (cost to do it) compared to starting all over again. If you notice serious problems with the structure of your home, such as significant moisture and mold damage in different areas, you may want to rebuild. Strong structural supports in your walls and ceilings are essential!

What’s an easy DIY homeowners can do that totally transforms a space?

Paint, paint, paint! Even a little paint goes a long way! You can totally transform the look of a room or piece of furniture with a fresh new coat or color change. Painting the walls inside your home really makes a huge difference in a space.

What’s the biggest mistake homeowners make when trying to update their home?

Trying to DIY something that should be left to the professionals. There are small renovations you can probably do yourself like painting or building a small shelf, but we always say don’t try to do a complex renovation project yourself that you don’t have the skills to do. do well (demolish walls, kitchen sinks/cabinets, etc).

What is your current favorite interior design trend?

Wallpaper! The love for wallpaper ideas has gone through different periods of popularity over the years, but it’s definitely having a moment right now. Whatever your taste, there are plenty of different wallpaper ideas for everyone.

What is the current interior design trend that you think is overrated?

Press and stick the tile. Stick with the real thing for value and looks. Press and stick doesn’t have longevity and while it may save you money at first, it won’t last. The reality is that nothing can quite match real tile.

Austin’s real estate market is crazy right now. Any advice for those trying to sell or those trying to buy?

Use an agent. A good agent is always worth the commission! In a do-it-yourself world, it’s nice to trust an expert when it comes to real estate.

What is the one thing without which a home simply cannot sell?

Staging is key! Highlight your home’s assets and attract as many potential buyers as possible.

First, start with curb appeal. First impressions count, so make your home stand out as soon as buyers approach the sidewalk. A fresh coat of paint on the front door, cleaning the gutters and filling areas with fresh greenery is a great start.

Next, kitchens are a big selling point when your home is on the market. Try easy DIY updates that instantly give your kitchen a facelift. Be sure to highlight the storage by decluttering and storing infrequently used small appliances. Paint cabinets a classic white or dark neutral color and change any outdated or corroded hardware.

Finally, in today’s world of remote workers, office spaces are a sought-after feature for homebuyers. Turn a room into an office or set up a nook in a guest bedroom to show potential buyers just how functional a space can be.

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