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Lebanese Interior Minister: no room for diaries


Lebanon’s acting Minister of Interior and Municipalities, Judge Bassam Mawlawi, claimed on Saturday that the Lebanese had put the fighting in the past and that any bet on their reappearance would fail.

Speaking to Asharq Al-Awsat, Mawlawi stressed that there is no room for political programs aimed at undermining Lebanon’s unity, leading to its division and returning the country to the chaos it experienced before the Taif agreement.

Mawlawi said anyone trying to start sectarian conflicts would be met with resistance from all Lebanese.

The minister insisted on the fact that Christians and Muslims in Lebanon insist on adhering to the state project.

Mawlawi underlined that there is no political context to the security problems that arise from time to time in more than one of the regions of Lebanon.

According to the minister, most of Lebanon’s security problems are limited to incidents of looting, burglary and individual conflicts that the security and military forces are dealing with firmly.

Lebanese security forces were able to arrest dozens of perpetrators and bring them to justice for trial, Mawlawi said.

He pointed out that the local and external conditions that were at the root of the outbreak of the Lebanese Civil War in the spring of 1975 have now disappeared, although its tragic effects still resonate in the minds of the Lebanese.

Mawlawi believed that the solution to the crisis facing Lebanon today begins with the election of a president for the republic.


Affirming that the election of a president is the gateway to the reorganization of constitutional institutions, Mawlawi stressed that the vote is the sole responsibility of parliament.

“I hope favorable conditions will ripen to end the presidential vacuum. Because the government does not replace the president,” Mawlawi told Asharq Al-Awsat.

The minister also supported Lebanese cabinet meetings which he said address urgent and pressing needs that cannot be postponed.

“Those who criticize cabinet meetings contribute to emptying the institutions and crippling their ability to respond to the suffering of the Lebanese,” Mawlawi said.

He stressed that the crisis in Lebanon cannot be resolved by resorting to populist auctions, exploiting the suffering of citizens and resuming fighting.

Condemning sectarian rhetoric, Mawlawi stressed the importance of moderation in politics to reduce tension and incitement.

He said any elected president should address Christians and Muslims without distinction.

He stressed that the Lebanese should help themselves as a condition for asking for help from the international community.