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Lady shows her rich aunt’s beautiful house in a rich neighborhood: “I want this life”


  • A young woman caused a stir on social media after showing off her rich aunt’s penthouse which is located on Banana Island, Lagos.
  • The charming building had an amazing interior with artwork hanging in almost every corner of the place.
  • Users of social networks wanted to know what their rich aunt does and the lady did not shy away from the question.

A video showing the charming interior of a penthouse on Banana Island, Lagos, has sent social media into a frenzy.

The house had state-of-the-art furniture. Photo credit: TikTok/@nobodybutdayooo
Source: UGC

A woman named Dayo Olabode shared the video on TikTok as she took netizens on a tour, saying the property belonged to her wealthy aunt.

His video was captioned:

“Come with me to my really rich aunt’s penthouse on Banana Island in Lagos, Nigeria.”


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The interior gave off its owner as an art lover due to the many works of art that adorn different parts of the place.

Lighting, furniture and equipment in the house would definitely not be cheap. In the majestic residence, a bar-type area with different collections of wines was observed. Two adorable pets were seen playing at one point in her video.

In response to a netizen about her aunt’s occupation, the lady wrote:

“She works in the oil industry in Lagos Nigeria.”

Look the following video:

Reactions on social networks

paigenoelle said:

“I love everything about it. The dogs are the icing on the cake.”

maureen sylvia

“All the artwork is amazing!”

wethriftyo said:

“The way he would cheat on me and act like he was all mine when he was visiting.”

keepinupwitcrys said:

“When I set foot on Banana Island I realized I was living in poverty and I never came back, that was over 10 years ago.”


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“THIS is what I mean when I say ‘GOALS’ and I’m NEVER impressed by what I see in SM these days BUT THIS.”

couchpotato said:

“Hey cousin! I’m sure your aunt is looking for a girl to adopt.”

Sugar Moments Photography said:

“This is the life I want. Lord!!!!!!”

Video of a town house with trends in golden furniture

Meanwhile, a video of a village mansion with gold furnishings was previously reported to have gone viral.

A family member, a young man, shared the video on TikTok with the caption “billionaire in town but managing in Lagos.”

Showing the property on video, the man started from the building entrance and gave a quick view of the spacious, tiled complex.

The Lagos resident later recorded himself taking a tour of parts of the mansion.

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